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    how wide is it?

    Well said, but where would we be without conspiracy theories. Now if we can stop the internet warriors about roof colours we can all get on and enjoy the sport, and well done to Ashley England by catching them out at the weekend.
  2. Although he has qualified, lets imagine he gets into World final then he wins it. That means two titles are not available to view for a few months. Take a friend to introduce them to the sport and they ask, whos the world champion - "Oh he doesn't race anymore " So whos the silver roof holder - " Oh yes he doesn't race anymore too". Sounds a great sport doesn't it. He had his farewell at Belle Vue. Concentrate on promoting, after reading his interview on the website, he has a vision and if other promoters jump on board this sport may get back to where it was and should be.
  3. QUESTION 1 CHOICE A.......... NIGEL GREEN (445) QUESTION 2 F2 - 1st 7 - 2nd 101 - 3rd 38 QUESTION 3 CHOICE A.......... F1 (464) DAVISON + F2 (38) POLLEY + SSC (157) STOTT QUESTION 4 Moody - 2 Scottish Drivers - 2
  4. Gary E

    Sheffield Programme

    Was it one of yours Colin ?
  5. Question 1 (3 points): Belle Vue F1’s – Put these 4 drivers in the order that they will finish the Final on Sunday: 1 Frankie Wainman JNR 4 Dan Johnson 16 Mat Newson 21 Mark Gilbank Question 1 Bonus (2 points): Lee Fairhurst (217) won the last Belle Vue F1 Final in May, will he get a top 5 finish in the Final on Sunday? YES Question 2 (3 points): Belle Vue V8’s – Will Jake Harrhy (345) win a race on Sunday? NO Question 2 Bonus (2 points): Will Adam Joyce (1) win the V8 European at Belle Vue on Sunday? YES Question 3 (3 points): Kings Lynn Saloons – Put the following drivers in order that they will finish the Saloon British Championship race on Saturday: 6 Simon Welton 158 Shane Davies 349 Michael Allard 499 David Aldous Question 3 Bonus (2 points): Will Kyle Irvine (85), defending his British Championship, finish in the top 10 in the title race Saturday? YES
  6. He seemed very happy with his actions when stood at few feet away from me afterwards, people shaking his hand. He was also watching the videos on twitter with a wry smile on his face. For me the main point of this was that he didn't take notice of the official telling him to stop and continued in smoking his wheels to get away, at that point no one knew the condition Dan was in. I did enjoy Dans hit on Davidson though, more will follow between the top drivers Tom owes Frankie one, Frankie owes Smithy one for Skegness etc etc etc.
  7. Does anyone know which photographer took the photo that was on the front cover ? Need a good print of it.
  8. Q1 - A Q2 - Inside - Red - Outside S/S Q3 - 3rd Row Inside Q4 - C. Guinchard Q5 - 1 st - C. Finnikin, 2nd - F. Wainman Jnr, 3rd - L. Fairhurst
  9. Q1 - A Q2 - Inside - Red - Outside S/S Q3 - 3rd Row Inside Q4 - C. Guinchard Q5 - 1 st - N. Green, 2nd - F. Wainman Jnr, 3rd - L. Fairhurst
  10. DofD- 463. Would say he is a blue top so taking advantage of his yellow grade. but not he first to take advantage of this, this season !! R/R 6 - a bit ordinary,to be honest missed some racing watching the 212 crew repairing the car after the tyre incident and found it more interesting. Was waiting for a bit of bumper work but very little went on, Minis a bit dull this time and the first time i havnt enjoyed them this season. F2s good numbers and pockets of action, bangers only good when theres a few scores being settled. Roll over comp waste of time. Agree with comments above regarding tractors on the infield, do we really need the big ones there? Lastly the tribute to the Manchester victims was perfect and very emotional.
  11. 1 - C 2 - D 3 -A 4 - 17
  12. theres always this type of topic when a title gets won, he cut a corner - YAWN,, went on the yellow etc etc etc The lad drove well had a good lead a few times when yellows come out well done to him and hope he continues in the sport. Think this was being discussed on twitter whilst the chequered flag was still being waved
  13. 1.... BIRMINGHAM 1st 1 2nd 16 2.... HEDNESFORD 1st 84 2nd 445 3 ....CHOICE D.......... LUKE DAVIDSON (F1-464) & CHARLIE GUINCHARD (MX1) **JOKER** 4.... CHOICE D.......... 8TH 9TH OR 10TH
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