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  1. Civil War has always been like that. Because it's basically a crashfest and to help clear the track in a shorter time as possible. From the very first Civil War there was a time limit and each car still on track at the end of the time limit after each race would earn their team points to be deducted from the respective teams total. I have no idea how many points are earned per car on track as haven't been to Civil War for years as it's such a long day in usually rather cold temperatures. Steve I was just trying to say maybe the civil war isn't a typical meeting and perhaps the tractors may be back at other domestic meetings, no one had mentioned it
  2. Just a point on the Civil War meeting at Hednesford, I was told prior to the meeting that it was the teams (north & south) responsibility to clear the track, they used their own vehicles and were awarded/docked points depending on how long it took them to clear the track, not sure how true but that was I was told that the week before. New rules may stop a lap down superstar who was behind 1st & 2nd burying them because he will get the "lucky dog" and be able to get on the back of the grid as happened at kings Lynn's last meeting last year
  3. Not when one of the heats is also a World Semi Final though. Could run semi as heat 1 then 2/3rds I guess, disapointed that only one red top from Sheffield was racing at Buxton ,there's gotta be a reason but I can't fathom it
  4. I was watching that Dutch fellows (sorry can't remember his name) Stu Smith film and I was intrigued to see that Stuart seemed to get the car sideways a lot earlier than the others although back in the day a lot more drivers went in with more sideways than the lads do nowadays where they seem to drive the cars into bends, Tom Harris was chucking his car in a lot earlier than the others during his 3 finals on the trot spell which seemed to pay dividends,I have seen a few of the lower graders changing their style since and was wondering if anyone has noticed it ? When did driving styles change and why and is the old way still the best or is driving em in quicker I remember it was what everyone tried to do ala Cronny at Rochdale and Bezz at Crewe and everyone at Sheffield😊
  5. I don't often venture to the vue but in light of the fact that the developers are after it I thought I'd better, it would be nice if all 14000 who've signed the petition were there too I thought the first two heats were a bit tame but the it got better by the race, talk was they were struggling for grip which allowed the lower graders to keep in front so that's always nice to see. On the whole I enjoyed it, ran to the car and was in a pub in Leicestershire 2 hours later. I enjoyed watching the heritage f1s especially when Dan Squire (in Doug Wardropper replica) kept tapping jonnos back bumper in the 304 car,not sure if that's the done thing but he nearly got my vote for driver of the day RR 7/8 DoD 313
  6. I spoke to a driver at the last nir and they said that kings Lynn's final winning purse was nearly 2x what Northampton is, I can't imagine that's the reason but it may have an impact, never thought I'd say this but am seriously thinking about trekking to Lynn for saloon stocks euro, any damage to cars in the heats and they're won't be many racing in the latter stages at brafield, more than likely though I'll be at brafield eating burgers and having a couple of pints
  7. Neil, I go most meetings and take Paul Baker with me,your most welcome to come with us FOC,I live in Brought on so I can pick you up,
  8. A cheap shot yes but in retaliation😂😂
  9. Me too Colin,putting someone in the fence amidships whilst technically still on a rolling lap doesn't seem like racing, similarly 390 putting Joe Nickolls away at Kings Lynn when Joe was a lap down and had moved over seemed excessive (and out of character I may add)
  10. I think you've misinterpreted what I meant, to just thought there were a couple of cheap shots TBF,as for watching hot rods, if they were racing around my back garden I wouldn't open the curtains. Classic Hot rods excepted at a wet B'ham Wheels on F1 semi final night when the ones weren't very good
  11. Agreed Carl,used to see spinning and bumper work all the time and I'm all for it,it just seemed a different mindset compared to the rest of the season,as if it'd been saved up. Always want to see the car behind put the bumper in, whoever is in front,quite often cheer for both combatants in the same race Although Burnsy getting Ray Tyldesley back at Hartlepool was a particular favourite
  12. Did any else think the Shootout became about stopping someone else winning rather than racing to win yourselve? I'm thinking Stuart and FWJ taking Tom out at Kings Lynn (3 in a row granted but still a shootout round) and FWJ and Matt at the Vue,in the present climate does this encourage retaliation?? I love seeing contact and wouldn't want to see less of it but was it a bit "Banger" like
  13. Ivan B

    Bumpy Old Tracks

    Just got membership sorted, I was just watching a Bradford meeting from 1987 and was surprised to see how bumpy it was, Was it always that bumpy and where else was bumpy?
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