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    Thanks to all for the comments. I've made a lot of friends the last 2 years at the race track and have enjoyed talking to all. The Newson Team have been great and are some of the nicest people around. As Anita said above, I will be at Coventry this weekend which will be my last BRISCA race before heading home. Stop by and say HI! As far as my racing career at home. Both cars and motors were sold last July after I had been home racing for 2 weeks. When I was back in the USA for the holidays we bought a late model. My Father-in-law and my Dad have been working on it in my absence. The car went to get decaled (I think sign written is the wording in the UK) Tuesday night. Looks like the first night out will be July 17th at Farley Speedway. As far as green cars go...........I will never race one again haha. They are bad luck...... The one you all saw was the second green car that I put on its roof top as I rolled my black and green car in 2012.
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