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    i followed the cayzers from brisca to spedeworth, kept in touch with brisca and then when johnnie went back full-time - so did i!

    now i have a third generation of cayzers to follow!
  1. I'd appreciate some feedback on this. What exactly was so "automatically deleted word" about it? once again Carl, as last Month I say to you this time: I have explained. I recently explained that i always explain. so now I have explained it to you. I won't lower the tone though by being drawn on your other comment. never apologise, never explain! LOL!!! regards Taffy
  2. I'd like to seperate what you control from what you can't control, therefore I think of this meeting less the long delay over injuries and the following rippling effect so my comments are as if this was a go ahead normal meeting OK? programme was AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD as usual. I couldn't write down the foriegn entrants names and numbers with a biro, I couldn't write the numbers down in graded order properly. Mr promoter: if you want to see what a bodge is, have a look at my friggin programme and the way I've had to write down the grid. as an aside to it, because nobody reads out the drivers numbers I can't tell who they all are till they've gone by (I stood at the exit of turn 4). so I didn't see an opening lap all night. I've reached the point where I don't think the people at the top making the decision have a clue! see the Coventry programme if you want to know how it's done! watercart seemed to have a mind of his own as to how, when and where he would water the track? all the fireworks went off at once - funny!!!! no speakers in the 'steelstand', never heard any really audable commentary all night. starting marshall wanted to black flag a driver, found the flag, couldn't find his board to write on! if you delay and delay racing for various reasons (not the injuries) like the grading, the horse manure we have to listen to before hand, the grading (did I mention the grading?) when things go wrong you are going to irk people because you lost time earlier that you could have done with later? they really are the weirdest people running the meeting? they dictate what you can and can't take in and then leave it all in your bag when they find it? how does that work! yes I have sandwiches and drink - oh that's OK then! if Kings Lynn WF was a 14 year old boy you'd have to say that it had learning difficulties, ADHD and needed councilling! racing? great races, top action shame about the tame 10 at the end of the WF but that's how it goes. when I left I felt bitter but not about anything that any of you will think of here coz as you know by now I have different values to some: it was Speaks right hand turn into Smithy? I mean WTF???? we have rules, the sport has to be run to rules. when DJ followed RB into the turn 3/4 fencing at Coventry TWO MONTHS BACK, I said it and I always say it: "what are the rules?" stick to the rules follow the rules, invoke them or, if they'reare wrong change them. but when a man turns right I have to question WHAT IS THE CLERK OF THE COURSE THINKING? I finish with a question? a member of the infield marshalls sees a loose piece of metal on a car that is sticking out and could be dangerous. can he tell the driver and the driver then reverse up against say an infield tyre, knock it off and the driver carry on? or is he obliged to tear the offending piece of metal off (or leave it) and then have the driver removed from the track? it's the way Lynn does things...its like a teacher scratching a blackboard. programme:3 Lynn organisation: 2 racing 7 DoD: 515 regards Taffy
  3. I thought we'd all be talking about the action and here we are talking about 'racing'. I saw both, I thought the bumpers were going in hard. the first two heats were awesome! excellent programme again. well worth the two quid. I didn't see the GF or the GN. I was there but I didn't see them. so I can't give a dick of the day. RR was 9/10. Taffy
  4. I've felt for some time the WF should be another 5-10 laps. anyone agree? over the years the speeds have got quicker and quicker and the cars more reliable. Taffy
  5. 84 to start on dry tyres, three yellows, everyone else goes backwards from halfway, 84 with 2 laps to go. Taffy
  6. I was one of them Rigger, never been before and wasn't going to mention my poor night out. had a trailer with a bike on it and wanted to park in the stadium but there was no joy. had to park near some scrap metal merchants and was papping myself. I'm used to the Micky Mouse stadiums from the 60s and 70s so kept it together. I hope the new stadium goes from strength to strength as it grows! I finally did a meeting in the UKs second city!!!! there's a first! taffy
  7. Taffy

    Wet weather drivers

    Mick Noden for me: the wet shale wizard! my experience from racing motorcycles makes me think that drive-ability of car is important and the right kind of power. another thing is that these driver's were often far better drivers than their cars and because the wet is a great leveller of power these guys had a chance to show their true skills. another thing is, I would suggest that, a heavy car is no disadvantage either in the wet. the driver must remain smooth at all times. perhaps Noddy was smooth ALL the time and in drier condotionms wasn't quite as squirrely as some others would get? Taffy
  8. hello Carlton common sense/ how about some thinking by you. dust and shale lumps are two different things. if you happen to be down wind you can't see through dust. you can see through the odd load of shale. it isn't constant, you can see it coming, you can take your eye away for a moment. but downwind from dust, well I couldn't see and neither could my girlfriend who is trying to pick up the sport and loooking away for a few seconds when you're newbie means that my running commentary is lost. having tried the 'steel stand' out of turn 4 which is my favourite viewing point and being downwind, I found I was down wind agian (os so it seemed) at turns 1/2 and moved to the back straight stand, the rest of the meeting was watched with full dolby surround sound and a clear screen. did I hear Smiffy say he could beat everyone on WF night with a tractor - as long as it's wet? I have made my point about the programme, if I whinge I explain. Taffy
  9. Hi Carol I like to fill in the programme with grid order and the squares don't make sense being in threes (programme in attic now). they are far too wide for a single number and you can't get them down in grid order, surely 10 columns for 5 grades? if you go up and down there are too many for two rows in some races such as the yellows in one race last night. no seperation of boxes from the results, not even a thick line which would do. the programme was one leaf (4 pages short). poor value for £2 and with the exception of an excellent article about Craig Finnikin it was that generic rubbish again. one classic piece of diatrib was about how there had been some great races in the past, really? well I would never have guessed? like to clarify it? remind us of some of those great races. it was mindless waffle "safe stuff". after the superb Coventry programmes of late I now know that they can do better. taffy
  10. I had to move from the home straight due to dust during the W & Y race. stood on turn 1/2 and the wind seemed to be in another direction and still aiming at me. wet shale in the face I can stand baut a 'rain' of dust I find impossible. BTW, I had toi give up fencing because the sawdust could get staright in myb eyes so I am highly sensitive t it. Taffy
  11. extreme wording helps nobody, its inflammatory and I mean that 1000% OK! Stu turned right on Mat, he turned HARD right and sparks came off Mats's car. if it is illigal it should be spotted and dealt with and if it isn't then it's inside the rules. don't talk about what you do and don't like but about the rules. smithy has to race on WF night with a wet track setup which he doesn't like but he has no choice. he is leading off and he'll get smashed if he doesn'rt lead out for at least 5 laps. those on rows 7 to 11 etc can afford to run a dry set up and hope for a yellow. now let's all look at our programmes from last years WF and see who benefitted the mostr from this scenario....Oh look Craig and Stu! who would have believed it hey! its the sport, you know what you're going to get beforehand so deal with it. SS's car was flying, it looked the quickest car at the meet visibly - mainly the handling...it's sublime! it is worth pointing out that after the water cart, Smiffy only lost ground for one lap, just one lap for a man known to set his car for drying conditions. so if you believe what he said last night, you have been mislead by him. he wnats the best conditions for HIM and HIM only. I fully expect on WF night for Smiffy to have a dry set up, survive 3 laps and be just out of reach after that. if in the first three after 5 laps - he'll smash 'em! only bad luck is going to stop him now I think, he's that good. 7/10 94 I'd give the meeting more but I want to ytalk about the programme....it's dire..... Taffy
  12. Taffy

    Finnikin's back axle

    yes i do and you've answered it 100% thanks! it's just that all that parifinailia just to support a cast item seems..... or is it a case of: I saw it in the States first! Taffy
  13. what have you all made of the back axle on finnikin's car? he has a pair of bars that can be tightened and released that create some sort of prssure it SEEMS on the tracking of the drive wheels? I can't imagine there's any 'give' in the casting of a back axle so I ahve to say it left me slightly bemused as to how it works? Taffy
  14. what is the current thinking on clipping the inside kerb to get someone and also 'following in'? I thought that the hit was great to watch but in the back of my head i knew how speaky had got there and dan was parked up next to speaky. not looking for a hanging, just interested in what they look for now? Taffy
  15. I believe Andy's move sarf was more to do with his father-in-law's circumstances than his own or Stuart Seniors. it suited all that Andy got involved with his F-i-L's business. he's won 6 world titles, he won 3 on the the trot for chrissakes! he has nothing, indeed HAD nothing else to prove and other things in life came along (unlike us then!....) so if he wants to dabble in a bit of spedeworth on his door step then so be it! I'm sure that what with his daughter's racing and a business to run, that he has more than enough on his plate. a balanced life, noticing a few things he didn't do (as enjoyable as his youth would have been), regards Taffy
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