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  1. Good evening all, On behalf of the British Radio Car Association I am pleased to announce that the United Kingdom will be holding this year's 1/12th remote controlled stockcar racing European Championships on the 22nd and the 23rd of September at Burton Market Hall (DE14 1HA). The racing kicks off on Saturday evening from 730 with qualifying races from both the F1's and the additional F2's that shall be in attendance on this joint event. Attached are details of the event which can be further explained by myself if you wish for! We as a racing family always try to entice newcomers to come along and see the racing with their own eyes so if you have nothing planned for this weekend then here's your chance to come and see something different.. And maybe, just maybe you'll like it so much by the time you finish watching them you'll want to have a go yourself!! I hope to see some new faces around! Stuart
  2. I know!! We've had a few racers from Manchester who have helped organise that!
  3. Ever fancied having a go at racing a stockcar but you haven't got the funds to go with it? Well, you still can race a stockcar... Even if it's on a smaller scale version!!! Rugby Raceway current stages 1/12th remote controlled stockcar racing every Friday night at Rogers Hall in Hillmorton (CV21 4EN) and in just over three weeks time, we shall be staging our second round of our clubs new shootout championship for 2018. Do you maybe have a little son.. Or even a daughter ... Or even yourself who maybe interested in having a go? Well why not come along one Friday evening and have a go for yourself! The club has been running since 1981 and has enticed all drivers (some as young as 6 years old) to come and race with some of the best drivers in the country. Not only do we race at Rugby, we also have clubs in Urmston (Manchester), Fordham (Cambridge) , Hathern (Leicester) and also all the way up in Scotland... Not forgetting the clubs on the Netherlands! So if you are interested in coming along and having a go for yourself one evening, why not message me and I'm sure I can help guide you on your way to a new hobby for you and the family!
  4. 👌 In association with Macs Race Team & Grafix & Nobby's signs Come along and join the fun
  5. For more information regarding this please visit our website www.rugbystockcarclub.co.uk 👌 We at Rugby Raceway will be running our annual stockcar national event this upcoming Saturday morning and late afternoon (10am until 4pm) At Rogers Hall in Hillmorton (Deerings Road CV21 4EN) we are very much like the proper F1 stockcars, the only difference is we are very much a model sized version of the ones we watch each week 😁 We race each Friday night and this very weekend has over 40 drivers booked into race... So, I'd recommend to you that if you are in the area, pop down... You never know what you might think of it! Even our very own Mr Nige Harrhy has tried it out aswell 😁
  6. Reminder all that this event is happening today! Anyone is more than welcome to come along and see what it's all about! The main racing will start just before mid-day and as mentioned above, we have the main man himself Mr Nigel Harrhy in attendance with his car on display What else is there better to be doing on a Sunday? Hope to see some new faces around!!!
  7. Can't quite keep up with Jamie on top spot Still a long way to go yet
  8. R/R 6 Weren't the best of meetings especially during the heats nothing really happened that much. Final made up for it though, was much more spicy with bumpers flying in from the top lads. Wonder what will get said about Mr Harrisons tantrum after the race. Fair play to 169, Ryan hit him when he got out of the fence with him and I think he had that coming!
  9. Good nights out racing at Cov last night. The F1 Heats were a bit roundy roundy, most likely due to only getting around 18-19 cars in each heat on a track like Coventry. However, I must admit the final and grand national did make the night worthwhile! Tom Harris drove really well all night, FWJ was on the pace also along with Craig catching them both up in the final! Bangers were somewhat decent for once, bit of bumpering from some of there drivers so they were a decent formula to have in attendance. At least their was only two formula's racing tonight otherwise the meeting would have dragged! D.O.D Has got to be 1 Tom Harris. Drove well all night R/R 8
  10. Stu C

    Next months grades?

    Nah that's fine, got a much better understanding of it all now haha thanks
  11. Stu C

    Next months grades?

    Are these gradings staying exactly the same for next month or does it depend on what happens at Kings Lynn Saturday?
  12. Hi all, has anyone got a link for the grading system for currently this month? Also, I'm assuming the next months grades will be out at the end of this month on a similar link.... Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  13. Just click on the next video below on here then go onto his own page then press the video again and it should load. Had the same problem at first.
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