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  1. Rich P

    Pit access

    Did Bradford have put access at the 81 wf? Sure I remember walking the pits that afternoon as a youngster.
  2. Thanks team for brilliant service. Love the addition of a mini race report.👍👍
  3. Thanks, it's great to have you back. Congratulations on your anniversary.
  4. Rich P


    ,😩. Just stop!
  5. Rob Cowley and Rob Bradsell must be up there too? Come to think about it how about Geoff Nichols too..
  6. What a great guy. Love his approach to racing, and he's just as entertaining to listen too. This series of interviews have been fantastic, Thank you Jonathan.
  7. Rich P


    Would love to see Bradford return along with racing in 2021. Good Luck to all involved.
  8. Great interview with a great guy.
  9. How about opening things up for the youngsters on a higher ed course to take a look as a project/ investigation. Full of fresh ideas and optimism.
  10. Really good interview. Thanks to Pete and all involved 😊
  11. Rich P

    New Cars

    Love it! Shale tar or both?
  12. Rich P

    Crazy cars.

    Anybody know what this was originally. Looks great.
  13. Think the wedge was finished in the early hours of the night before Bradford 81 WF. Remember seeing it for the first time that day, Willie arriving late in the day if I remember correctly.
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