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    Motorcycle road racing. Senior ACU Technical Official. F1 & F2 stock cars
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    Fan since 1974 Ex F2 746 1987-89

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  1. White City '76. My one and only visit!
  2. I'm old enough to remember Saturday nights at Coventry or Leicester or Long Eaton (shale). Sunday Aycliffe or Hartlepool or Northampton (tar) Monday Sheffield (shale)
  3. Wow! Who would have believed it. Buxton in the blazing sun watching Stock Car Racing! You'll be telling me that there'll be shale at Northampton next! lol. Some good hard racing in the mini's, V8's and of course the F1's. I echo the sentiments of others in that the meeting did drag on a tad (or maybe that's the sunburn talking). D.O.D It's gotta be 219 Jacklyn Ellis. 3rd in the final and then romped away for a flag to flag victory in the GN. R/R - 9/10
  4. If I remember correctly, the first 3 used to get 1st 40 pts, 2nd- 28pts 3rd 24pts. 4th- 11th would get heat points 8 - 1. This was certainly in effect well into the 80's
  5. Excellent service, Stu. The missus ordered it yesterday and it's just been delivered! Thanks
  6. A Cheadle


    Happy birthday, Willie. Thanks for the memories.
  7. At least your piston looks happy Nige
  8. I spectated at Crewe for a couple of years watching the F1's then I 'bit the bullet' in 1988 and put my F2 on the grid. That's when I realised that there are stock car tracks and then there's Crewe. As you sat there waiting for the rolling lap to start the first thing you notice is how high the plate fence was. You also noticed the brick ends poking up from the blackest shale ever seen! The rolling lap seemed to take forever! The green flag waved and I made it to the exit of turn 2 when I was unceremoniously whacked into the fence wrecking my steering. As I'm sat there with a marshall holding a static yellow flag I was hit full chat by the race leader. Result? Two written off cars!! Should have stuck to spectating!!!!
  9. A Cheadle

    Bumpy Old Tracks

    Don't remember seeing many two heat meetings at Long Eaton between 1974 -1988
  10. Richie Ahearne over the fence at Leicester?
  11. This was the first meeting I've been to in donkeys years, so it was more out of curiosity than owt else. I must admit (apart from the bangers) I really enjoyed it. Some fast racing, some HUGE hits and with the holes in turns 1 and 4 I thought I'd been transported back in time to Crewe lol. I think the track prep left a lot to be desired, but......... RR 8/10 Dod 55
  12. For Mallory Park ACU licensed events the noise limit is 105 dB(A) static
  13. A Cheadle

    Help Needed

    Moz is still racing, albeit only 3 wheels. He races a vintage / classic sidecar outfit.
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