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  1. Edward P

    Belle Vue Memory

    My Bellevue story started in 1964 aged 4 since that day I was spellbound with the massive wood stands, the music Tokyo melody playing as the cars rolled around the stadium, the smell of v8 & v12 engines intoxcated the all event to a happy young boy , clearly remember my first favourite car because it had a tiger on it ( 178 ) later Ron Rodgers and then of course wildcat & potent mix , but Bellevue memories also include that hippo in the zoo , the old bob ride cars discarded under the stands ( my own stockcar between heats ) it was sad to loose Hyde road but to now loose its replacement along with stoke and Coventry may be a killer blow or might just be the long road back to a national sport .
  2. So we need some where large, can provide parking pit area, may have terracing ,bars ,fast food outlets, have a inferstucter for paying public and maybe a history of sporting events..."...................Aintree , Chester York , Haydock Beverly , etc etc etc
  3. Two simple ones that inspired a generation. Wildcat and potent mix !
  4. Edward P

    looks different!

    Left of centre but bare with me ! the ferrys across the Mersey have been painted like WW1 ships called dazzle ships to disquise their outline much like f1 cars today, this is maybe good or bad and when covered in shale maybe irrelavant but plain colours are easy to follow, But roof colours or wing colours are in my view a vital aid to new fans , to see the red tops catch the lower grades as allways been thrilling and who does not love a white top leading into the last lap with a train of red tops hoping for a last bender , after 51 years of following our sport i find it dificult sometimes to pick out the grades, lets have a graded roof or wing with just colour and number and inforced.
  5. I can just about remember hot rods at Nelson, dont recall inside line mattering much !!
  6. mmmmmm think the basics are their but if the owners dont take that wall down for scrap, maybe F1s eeeeerh chips can be reintroduced,!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Edward P

    new tracks

    A marketing guy once told me stores,outlets and race tracks need a venue then saterllites around it, like Bellevue had Rochdale White city,even Bolton, Nelson also fed off Rochdale,Blackburn Bradford, similar in the midlands with Brafield being the lone outpost down south, we do need another venue in the northwest people can get in from work on fridays or sat and jump in the car to see stockcars in less than a hour travelling time for what as allways been entertainment,with respect to our dedicated fans, Soooo What about Blackpool airport Steve always thought a captive summer population at blackpool must be attractive.
  8. in my 50th year following F1 and my 37th world final well done Steve and Jackie for a proper stockcar world final DOTD 55. R/R 10 had everything I wanted including sorting my double booked seat with a smile thanks Jackie,
  9. Edward P


    well tin hat on, who else would like the brisca f1 world final in Holland and yes dutch on front row of grid
  10. the Coventry motofeast topic brought up a discussion on racing at pop up tracks, temp fences in showgrounds car parks and beaches what we think ?
  11. RR 7 DOTD 220 on this start to a historic season, glad we have steve promoting at Bellevue, due to length of meeting got time to wander around the stadium good point the view from the top of the newly safety railed terrace like being back at Bradford, badpoint the rubbish piles and skips in the pits when cleaned up world final for Bellevue with temp stands down back straight / pits mmm ignite the North west !!!!
  12. Great info we were so lucky to see this stockcar driver for so long his cars were always good looking well turned out machines, Question though I have asked on other threads but why does the now restored Gertie car always have the roof fin the wrong way around
  13. Well 1964, 50 years ago cant believe it I can still remember the red tops under floodlights at Bellevue the smell noise and the music Hermans hermits and the Tokio Olympics music the signature tune that year ,Only just found out what it was couple of years ago thanks to stoxnet now my ringtone I know I know. also I loved the Hippo in the zoo ,Cant believe how lucky this Nelson boy was got stockcars in his home town and then thanks to MPP a meeting ever fri sat sunday within 25 miles spoilt but didnt know it, missed two world finals since my first in 76 and in recent years just Bellevue and WF but oh how I enjoyed the skeggy wf and going further again. Oh and did the stox experience at brafield for my 50th birthday this four year old was back lining up behind Ron Rogers 152 at Bellevue under the ace of clubs control box could not stop smiling
  14. I must admit I have never been a fan of brisca giving the driver the choice of No 1 to wf winners we give a roof colour to honour this and always though it nice to see favourite driver/car and reconised number with that gold roof , now roof colours ? another time perhaps!
  15. Belle vue 1964, I was taken by my dad to my first meeting of course this was 50 years ago this year and the only car I can remember from this feast of sound colour and excitement was Albert tiger Griffins car stuck in the fence near the pit gates, Sad news to enter my Golden anniversary as a fan with the news of the death of the man who started a long journey of a four year old RIP Tiger
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