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    The buzz, smell and the anticipation associated with a F1 meeting.
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    Fan -1st WF 1990...The rest is history.
  1. Hope it's a classic, a fair safe fight. GL to all drivers, I'll be shouting for 515 super FWJ.
  2. Really appreciated, thanks for the time and effort to post results. Valuable service for those unable to attend.
  3. Epic night, thanks to all the team.
  4. I loved the double meets, Skegness in the afternoon then over to Boston under the floodlights in the evening, fantastic.
  5. Appreciate the results.... Thanks team.
  6. 141 on a roll, inspired by the rain?
  7. Scuba gear removed but a fantastic effort by all in difficult conditions. Tom H seemed to be on rails last night but I'm going for the final winner 141 with rr 6.
  8. Appreciated Ricky for the results.
  9. Mark S

    What a week!

    Thought the practice and getting a few laps in on Tuesday had paid dividends until those pesky waved yellows in race 2. Looked like you was certainly on it taking the high line, keep at it nige!!!!
  10. Top job, thank you for your efforts tonight.
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