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    football liverpool fc come on the reds . rugby . photography
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    about 30 years off then back on and lov'in it
  1. i think it was a great nights racing for 15 quid all races were great 9/10 for the meeting for me DOTD would have to be 51 was unlucky not too win more races and DOTD in the minis has to be 55 . i think its great to see the next generation of f1 drivers its what the sport needs to keep it alive
  2. for me would have to be both smiths and bert finnikin both willie and paul harrison really cant think of anymore
  3. James Berry

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    yeah i thought that was just about to have a rant on here about it but ive just been told by my brother in law who sponsors michael scriven that all cars can enter all races he only gets single points for final and grand national as he wasnt in the heats hope this clears up ur question cliff
  4. as we all know times are hard for everyone now and it looks like it will be here for a few years yet . I know northampton always has the masters which is good for me as im in oxfordshire but why dont they have the masters at skeggy world final is there next year so why not help everyones pocket and do both at one track it must cost the drivers loads of money in fuel and think of the fans it aint going to b a early finish so it will b late for people getting home and then travel to northampton in the morn i think its asking abit much . what do u all think ???????????
  5. good on ya craig well pleased for ya. but i have to say Dan johnson you r LEGEND
  6. im gutted i cant go both legends in there own right . funny enough my nick name is bezz i did spell it with one bez till i saw his i thought thats cool ill have a 2 zz cheers bezz from bezz
  7. i cant believe how many people would want them back its brilliant . the thing with this new race wear is that it cost so much i looked a andy smith shirt with the years of the world finals he won i think it was about 60 quid !!! i aint paying that for a shirt . i would rather spend so money on some patches every so offten much better for the wallet. I keep trying to get my uncle to get his coat out his is full of them so wish i kept all mine i would get um on a coat i would wear it everytime i went to a meeting. i think im going to look into abit more
  8. rob bradsell was a bit before my time lol. thanks anyway i dont even know how they make them.i remember the photo ones not the cloth ones the only trouble with the photo one after a few times in the wash they crack and split . i had loads but me being the plank that i am i threw them away . bm7921 what heading do you find them under ive looked there ages ago but nothing was on there .
  9. been back stockcar racing for a couple of years now after too long away. when i was a kid/teen you used to be able to get patches why cant you get them anymore if i knew i could do it i would have a go but i aint got a clue would love to see them back again you see some of the older guys/women around the racways with there coats full of them which is great so could we PLEASE BRING THEM BACK . what do you think ?
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