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    Fan since i was small
  1. i video'd the meeting can send you the video via email if you like
  2. Think my dad used to race against him. Infact i think we seen him a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Aaron T


    RIP Lee Great rider so much skill still to come from him
  4. Aaron T

    Today's comparisons

    Your forgetting one cartain guy, whats his name...........................................oh yh i remeber its Nigel
  5. Aaron T

    Bev Greenhalf

    R.I.P Bev Greenhalf our throughts are with all the family Aaron and Steve
  6. Aaron T

    New Members

    Just thought id say hi to everyone ive been a fan of frankie since i was a kid and before people think im here to cause trouble im not just thought id say hi to all and meet at some meetings next year
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