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    South Coast (ex Teessider)
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    Hartlepool/Aycliffe regular since 1976
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    Fan since 1976. Regular spectator at Aycliffe & Hartlepool (my local tracks back then).
  1. Excellent resource/Info. Many Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Paul B

    Kings of the Oval

    Ordered both via the offer. Been waiting so long for another book written by you Scott, really enjoyed Gold Top. I've read my copy over & over. Cannot recommend Scotts writing high enough - easy to read & a 'Cant put it down' book! - my better half is a Newby to Brisca & she couldnt put the book down after her first Coventry a few years ago. I'm 49 & I was shaking like a kid when we asked Sir John for his autograph - absolute Gent, loved talking about Aycliffe/Hartlepool/Crewe (my main tracks in the '80s) & was happy to spend time chatting. Good Luck with the new book Scott!
  3. No probs Rich - my fault as I thought it ended later on. I was on ebay about 10 mins after it ended!
  4. Hi all, I've just missed out on a Chris Binns print of Sir John on ebay (forgot the time). Does anyone else have one they would like to sell, or contact details for Chris Binns as I'd like a Sir John montage Cheers Paul
  5. Came across my 471 sunstrip today in the loft. RIP The 'Southern Star'
  6. Met Mike last year when I bought an American Schwinn cycle from him. Had a chat about F1 Stox as I had a 60th sticker on the car. He prepared engines for Sir John & Bert Finnikin (amongst others) but when the Big Blocks gave way to the small blocks he had less involvement with F1. Still has a thriving business sorting Big Block motors for road & marine applications. Is on many websites offering Big Block parts for sale. Really nice bloke.
  7. Terrible news. Hard but fair driver, always entertaining, will be sadly missed.
  8. Paul B

    Colin Moss Book

    I bought this earlier this year - interesting & readable book. Colin Moss refers to himself as a keen fan & only makes the models for himself. See the website here: http://www.mossmodels.co.uk/
  9. Good Quiz, Thankyou for putting it together. I learnt a few things as well!
  10. Many Thanks Steven64 - dont do the book of Face thing but after searching for ages found links to Warren, Russell & Gerald (RIP - Total Gentleman Racer) gave me many happy hours today looking at the official pics of the Legendary Skoal Bandits F1/F2 Team (644 Paul Broatch / 744 Russell Taylor - "Shuggy Taylor, The Kelloefornia Kid" / 844 Dennis Whitfield / 250 Gerald Taylor). Nice to see Gareth Taylor & John Broatch on the racetracks with Taylor/Broach built kit
  11. I treat my Final Aycliffe meeting keyrings like precious gems! - wife thinks I'm mad! 1: My copy of Gold Top signed by Sir John 2: My Skoal Bandit Jacket from the Taylors 3: My Airhorn from 1979 (which still works!)
  12. Fantastic idea Beaks, I'm sure we all thank you for your generosity & foresight. Crackin' acheivement for 'Our Nige' as well, & nice to get a trophy to represent the effort - Good On Ya!
  13. Will keep searching as I am always after Skoal Bandit F2 stuff as I was so chuffed to visit the GW Taylor & Sons base in Coxhoe, County Durham, courtesy of Dennis Whitfield (844). - I lived in Darlington at my Mums, so, I asked if I could help/visit any F1/F2 drivers to learn/help. Got to see the 644 Paul Broatch, 744 Russell Taylor, 844 Dennis Whitfield Bandit cars being built, & travel to a lot of meets on the Skoal Bandit transporter. Also wrote to Markey Technical Services, Darlington (who sponsored Sir John (53) & they were well up for me to visit, but as the cars were based in the Midlands, I never got to visit. - Dream day out would be to visit Sir John on the farm! & as I've just bought some stuff from Mike Huddart (Johns Gold Top engine builder) a visit to the 53 farm would top it off.
  14. Found the full Youtube post - credit to Ian Griffiths
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