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  1. Another good night's racing at the premier shale track although a little slick, a good crowd the back straight was jam packed no doubt some to escape the wind,with the vocal Dutch it it created a good atmosphere.Baring a disaster it looks like 390 has the silver roof. Good to see Arron76 claim a win. RR 8 DoD390
  2. So doom and gloom brigade did any of you go.to RobsPlace on Saturday, Not alot wrong there was there,proper racing under the lights good as it gets DoD 390 RR 8
  3. Went to the very first F1 meeting there, brand new stadium and for that reason seemed to lack atmosphere just use to the old stadiums I suppose. Dick Sworder won the final.
  4. A decent nights racing albeit dragged on a bit to long. Nigel 445 did what he had to do in the semi, will he get the gold? Micro f2s great for the youngsters, start em young can't be bad. Craig Tomlin impressive in his first outing in a F1 only went and won the consi well done to him. V8s ok again F2s ermmm got to sort their tar problem out. Some good hard racing with the F1s once again, iv'e been around this sport since 1959 and I personally think its the best now than its ever been, the competition is second to none who's going to win, it can be anyone. Once again Nigel 445 was on it not only to win the semi but to come from the back (his preferred grid position) for a third in the final and second in the GN shows a racer on top of his game. R/R7 DoD 445
  5. Another good nights racing after the rain tried its hardest to put a damper on things. Several things for the low crowed, holiday time, weather for some no doubt, big one at Mildenhall, and after two tar double headers, Two stand out drivers for me were 293 Elliot smith and 278 Paul Hopkins, It did seem extra fast last night for some reason, but I don't suppose it was any different. Lee 217 was dialled in well in his heat and got a disserved win. The V8 British was a good race with a good finish. All in all another good one at Saddlebow. R/R8 DoD 293
  6. Jeff G

    New Format

    There's just one thing with the holiday crowd, loads of first timers, BUT how many see the real deal.........................
  7. The European for the F1s is now a joke, imagine taking a newbie along and trying to justify it, as for three drivers being thrown out of a race for overtaking the stupid pace car which has had past issues also is not on, these teams put a lot of money and effort in to get to race, one being a Dutch team even more cost to compete. I don't see the need for a pace car and neither do other promotions. As for the racing just another meeting and not as good as most, Nigel 445 done what he had to do and well done to him, the start of more to come I think. R/R4 DoD 445
  8. Jeff G

    New Format

    I was talking on Saturday at a steam rally to a guy who's been going racing since day one, my question to him was are you going to Northampton tomorrow, his answer was why would I want to go and pay a inflated price to see the same cars doing the same thing they were doing at the last meeting there. ermmmm.
  9. Good weather, Good turnout of cars, Good track, Good racing, Good to be back. DoD 150 R/R 8
  10. Jeff G


    I remember one meeting there we were standing at the end of the long straight with the cars going away from us when Dick Sworder got to the end of the straight instead of turning left he carried straight on into a corn field and disappeared, on talking to him afterwards he said he had no brakes whatsoever.
  11. Jeff G

    Coventry stadium

    As there are several thousand stockcar and speedway supporters that have been loyal to Coventry for years I now think its time they done the decent thing and let us know the truth. Come on Jeremy play fair............
  12. Shale Kings Lynn Tar Skegness
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