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  1. Mel 444

    Big Clear Out

    Dan told me Paul and Joan have been to see the trophies and have taken the best ones.
  2. Mel 444

    Big Clear Out

    Hi Dan why dont you give them to VSCA to sell on.........Looks like you have some old Belle Vue goblets must be worth a bit. And a third place trophie for the fan club derby at Belle Vue!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks everyone for your messages forgot to mention PJ Lemons 444 for the use of his car and sorry for him missing the meeting due to the damage. Funny moment when they were trying to wake me up in a light voice Mel wake up PJ Lemons comes along and said he's old he might be deaf and shouts MEL WAKE UP thanks PJ. And to my wife Diane Morris for stopping the a&e staff from cutting PJs hans device off he would never have forgiven me. And thanks to Sophie who is taking my John Lund plaque to birmingham for me.
  4. Hi Cliff 128 i would have another go but somehow i don't think they will allow it.. I have heard of your dad Ted part of the Luton family.
  5. Just like to say a big thank you to all the people who have wished me a speedy recovery and contacted me, Lets just say it was great to be out there for John Lund but wasn't meant to end the way it did somebody got over competitive and hit a car into me thats the last i can remember. They told me i climbed out the car my memory was waking up in the first aid room i was taken to hospital due to blood coming out my ear. When they put me thought the scan they found i had a fractured rib and three fractures to my lower spine witch i will make a full recovery and seat belt love bites. Andy Leivers is beating himself for putting in a position where i could get hurt it was my decision to race no fault of yours Andy thank you for giving me the chance. A big thank you to the coventry medical team and walsgrave a&e staff and sorry to Mark Woodhall 335 i borrowed his race suit they had to cut it off me. photo by Paul Greenwood
  6. ::Looking forward to coventry if PJ Lemons444 gets his car fixed i will be having a blast round , Just looking at the line up there's a lot of heavy metal lining up behind me squeaky bottom time lol.........
  7. Picture of Peter Sankey's had i took last year now my screensaver. Will miss our chat's RIP Peter.............
  8. Anybody coming down the m6 best to use the toll road to avoid m6 at walsall and brum.....
  9. My first visit to crewe was with Dave Parry you see him in the picture with is jacket on he was crewe speedway captain....then i raced f1 stockcars their in the 80s my son drove me round on a lap of honour when he found the pit gate shut.. unable to get of the track looked in his mirror to see the cars on a rolling lap behind him he tried to pull on to the centre but their was no way off as it was all dirt mounds. Me and my girlfriend were standing next to the three youngsters who got hit by the car coming over the fence ,half way through the race we stepped back three foot as we were getting blasted by shale a sad night i have always said its safer to race than watch at crewe.........Miss the place.
  10. Mel 444

    Dan johnson

    As you saw in the video Dan was hooked up on Tom many a driver would tell you in that position they are their for the ride.....Sometimes you have a bit of luck and bounce off this time Dan was stuck wheels up in the air no steering.. Somebody said you heard is engine revving thats another way of trying to break free....What next bubble wrapped bumpers
  11. I remember when i had a damaged starter ring with a couple teeth missing it was hit and miss if it started. On track i needed push starts quite a lot somebody up in the box must have noticed had a message sent to me via Bev Greenhalf to get it sorted as i must be able to start the car on track......Happy coats.
  12. Mel 444

    F1 Back at Odsal!

    If you follow Paul Greenwood on facebook you will see the car driving round the track slowly...By the way great photo shoot by Paul Greenwood.........
  13. That was a wheelie good answer Wayne.
  14. I only go to this show every four years keeps it fresh for me and the wife......Nice to see the oval boys not tucked in a corner given plenty of floor space, The live show was great special mention to the racing black taxi's and Ben Hurdman spun out when he took the lead with a wainman close by!!............
  15. Mike Huddart was registered as a driver for 12yrs 380- 13 -14...... On a visit to Mikes workshop in cheshire to spend a few hundred pounds on engine parts in walks Pete Falding to buy a new engine costing thousands of pounds....... It was that moment when i realised the gap and money spent as a lower grader and a star grader......
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