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  1. Rr 9 Dod 390 (Just for the drive in the final and Gn)
  2. Just been finishing off one of the models i started last year while i was on holiday from school it is Michael Scriven's Tarmac car from early last year then he built the new one but this is the old one what do you think? Thanks Matthew (Age 13)
  3. Perfect Malvern Man Thanks So Much Matthew (Stox Signs)
  4. Hi All I don't suppose any one has got a picture of the back panel and middle of the wing on the new Dave Rilley 422 black body car. Thanks Again Matthew (Stox Signs)
  5. I have put this on facebook and i have a response from a few people saying that they would if everyone else is
  6. Here You Go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111018133600?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619
  7. Gold 45 Siver 45 British 45 Euro 45 UK Open 45 I will get my coat
  8. The tanks are a solid built machine which are alot stronger than the other NZ cars. They are normally used to block people getting past.
  9. On behalf of Neil "Free to bid" Mick "Mr Box Office" Sworder, 150 has kindly donated a panel from his f1 race car which i am going to aution, with all proceeds going to the Tracy Hipkiss fund, for the Loros Hospice. As soon as I have further details I will publish them on here, with photos etc. Get your pennies sorted. What an ideal Christmas gift for any stock car fan. You could even buy it for yourself Stay tuned for further information.
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