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  1. I think they should alternate the Euro's each year with Holland, yes keep it at Northampton when we hold it. The way it is at the min it's just all geared up for 1 of our drivers to win it every year, it would make it more interesting and give the the Dutch drivers more of a chance. Just a thought anyway.
  2. Dotd 84 R/R 6 Considering the wet weather not a bad meeting overall. After having a good look round the stadium last night i'm sorry to say definitely not a world final venue for me :-(
  3. Gareth T


    I agree skegness is a great venue and track, very popular with race fans and the racing is always top notch and very fast, my only concern is the size of the stadium, would it be able to handle a huge crowd like at coventry 2010, with all the television coverage and an excellent promotion behind this years wf there's a very good chance of a whopping crowd, would hate 2 see people been turned away, even with the addition of temporary stands, and the strict health and safety aswell to consider.
  4. If I lived up your way bm7921 I'd definitely take you up on the offer, think it's a great idea car sharing, they must have money burning holes in there shellsuits where your from :-)
  5. just wishful thinking I'm afraid, the world final will be shown on channel 433 weds 28th Sep...
  6. They'll never get rid of the bigfoot at skeg, that's a gimmick to get all the tourists in on the week night meetings, but totally agree with what you say. I've been to 5 f1 meetings so far this season and the stadiums have been packed out every time, so it shows a big effort from the fans in these difficult times...
  7. Gareth T

    Skeggy semi

    Is the seniors price for over 60 or 65?
  8. That's awesome news, that's just what the sport needs and deserves..
  9. A very enjoyable meeting overall, unfair to compare the 1's with the 2's and the saloons as it was there speed weekend with huge car turnouts, didn't think the 2's we're as good as they should be considering the 90+ turnout, apart from Gordon moodie who was simply in a different league to the rest, saloons we're great fun with plenty of action. A steady meeting from the 1's, heats and consolation we're quiet, to be expected with the euros next weekend but the final and GN we're excellent. Tom Harris simply the best stock car driver on the planet at the minute, awesome stuff again. Dotd Tom Harris R/R 7
  10. Skegness 8 Belle vue 22 Thanks
  11. Nice videos jack, the sound quality is ace when listened to through headphones.
  12. For the may f1 speed weekend i paid £15 just for the Saturday night, kids 12 and under free, £28 for the full weekend. Hope that helps.
  13. Very enjoyable meeting, thought every f1 race was brilliant. DoD Paul Harrison, one of the best drives i've ever seen to win the British. R/R 9 Great stuff.
  14. Great looking car, sounds awesome too....
  15. Anyone need a lift to the British at Kings Lynn next Saturday, I'm traveling from Skegness in Lincolnshire going along the A52,A16, and A17. Cheers.
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