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  1. Thank you team great job as usual πŸ‘
  2. DD 84 Seems unstoppable right now. Another masterclass from Tom last night wasnt even challenged he and car was that good in his heat backed right off towards the finish he was so far in front. Anyway a good night some good racing from the F2s a fairly good turn out track was good & quick and finished at a decent time. Well done Northampton. R/R 8
  3. Have to agree not what i was expecting. We have lost cov. Still trying to get over it but i will at some point. So Northampton next nearest for me. I supported cov and will do the same with Northampton i love shale racing and to be honest it wasnt that bad a couple of weeks ago,car numbers not too bad either but crowd a little sparce. We asked for another shale track and Northampton have provided it. Yes it hasnt been without its problems but it is improving and a vast improvement last meeting. It will get better. I enjoyed it and im going again on saturday even if it is to watch the Tom Harris show thats worth my enterance fee alone.
  4. Ian JC

    Following in rule.

    Me too. If you like that sort of thing go and watch banger racing.
  5. Couldnt agree more. Food was good,beer was good.Track was mint πŸ‘ Great evenings entertainment. Dust kept to a minimum it all went very smoothly & back home nice & early. Well done everyone really enjoyed tonight.
  6. Ian JC

    Andy Webb

    Sad news. Another stockcar great gone. RIP Spiderman.
  7. Ian JC

    Vlog with a cameo

    Just watched on youtube. Do i like the vlog? No i love it 😁 Thanks soooo much for doing these. it's another thumbs up like for me. Keep em coming.
  8. Ian JC

    Vlog with a cameo

    Youtube here we go i could watch your vlogs all day long they are ace πŸ‘
  9. Ian JC

    how things were!

    That was great that's what you call stockcar racing thank you for postingπŸ‘
  10. Great photos what a lovely moment. Congratulations to you all.
  11. Well done Jake it was just a matter of time big congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸπŸπŸ
  12. Ian JC

    Groundhog day!

    Nigel. Sorry to hear about your problems at cov last night... I met you for the first time last night and all i can say is what a true gent you are. I have followed you on stoxnet from the start and you are a real inspiration not only to myself but many others who follow you... In my eyes you fully deserve that money just for your shear determination. I went to cov last night mainly to see you racing but it wasn't to be..Please keep at it and you will get your rewards
  13. Paul this just fell off my car!!! Please dont tell me i have to remove that damm prop again.
  14. Nigel you are a star. I couldnt get to cov last night but have been on here reading your stories they are great. I so hope hope you get all the rewards you deserve. I cant fault you for trying. Keep up all the hard work and i will stop by at the next cov meeting.
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