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    Supporter since 1966
    One time mechanic to Keith Neville (former number 9) also Paul Martin (former number 201)
  1. Barry W

    Clashing Meetings

    A question that comes to my mind is what happened to the days when there were enough active drivers to hold two meetings, the days when it was was regarded as a working mans sport you could put together a car in your back yard using a 3.4 Jag engine get out on the track and be on the pace with the other cars.Today you have to spend vast ammounts of money to do the same. Am I looking back with rose tinted spectacles? Was it better in those days or is it better now? Or am I becoming a grumpy old man?
  2. Barry W

    New Members

    Hi all I've been a supporter since 1966 also been Mechanic for Keith Neville former number 9
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