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    Son of 100 Harry Smith
  1. Hi guys, My dads race helmet is up for grabs as of today...nice for collector or enthusiast but here its just collecting dust. please look at link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171043450696?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 for ebay pic's. Hope it find's a good home. Any info you may call or txt me on 07984626141 many thanks James Smith
  2. James 100

    Harry Smith

    I will have a dig about my draws, But I am sure I have Most the photo's of 'Batmobile' been built
  3. I have been before but only got to see the inside of a quarry LOL as was working, but aye that's a good idea Nick! cheers buddy!
  4. Hold your pony's mother!!! got to get round a track yet....the right way!! Bit different from Landy comps and enduro but thanks anyway x
  5. Thanks matt, if it's in the UK it's not too far! good day out lol! thanks for the help. like I said I'm a little out of it so need to do my research cheers
  6. Thanks mate,,,,I am a little out of it, I listed that number last in 2002! where dose time go!
  7. Hay guys, Well after talks today I am hoping to get on the track with my dad's number 100 next year, But we are going to build our own car...I will not buy one as 1- I am tight and 2- I'm a pro plant engineer, nothing I cant hit with a 14lb hammer or weld! so any help with link's for reg's and so on would be fantastic, or a poke round a up to date car! numbers, parts dealers or any advice would be amazing. hope your all well and thanks for your time. Many thanks James Smith
  8. James 100

    Harry Smith

    LOL love that pic haha! I wont be much different when I get round to doing it mate, am in same trade as my dad was ( Demolition) so will drag her on something similar, we have a 8 wheeler hook lift with the flat bed....winner
  9. Just like to say hello to everyone and most of all Thanks, Been amazing to look at the pics of my dad Harry,,,I have not even seen myself! and a Vid ( thanks Lee) and my uncle! and even as I have just found out a cousin 388 p campell? if any one knows him I would love to get in touch! Thanks and take care James Smith
  10. James 100

    Harry Smith

    Hay all...Love the Pic's of my old man! thanks lots! hope your all well
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