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  1. Good to read you are on the mend, Mel. All the best from the John Wright 128 team and try not to sneeze for a while! Ouch!
  2. Sharon 128

    Tom Matts

    Very sad to hear about Tom. Lovely chap and always had a smile. Condolences from Sharon and John Wright 128. Rest in Peace.
  3. Great photo! You wouldn't get in them jeans now, Clarkey!
  4. Ah Mel! I used to love cheering you on with all those wins at Cov. John says hello and we hope you are well!
  5. Snigger! Putting me off my pancakes!
  6. Sharon 128

    Laughing Pete

    Very sad to read this, had lots of fun with Pete over the years at the races. RIP, Pete. Sharon and John Wright 128
  7. Thank you for your answers - and that photo. I am looking to drop into a card so anything else would be helpful! I am off to watch the video to spot flags and fags!
  8. Hi All I am looking for any images you may have of the Line Up, Rolling Lap and Presentation of the 1988 Hednesford World Final - particularly showing Mrs Starter Carolyn Toher. I have had a look through the galleries and saw lots of other fab stuff that brought back memories but nothing that I need. Was she featured on the front cover of Stock Car Mag? Hi-resolution of you have anything. Thank you! Sharon
  9. Sharon 128

    Tanya Crouch

    Sad to read this - condolences from John and Sharon Wright 128. Tanya was a lady permanently associated with the sport. RIP
  10. Hi All Had a call from a family friend of Stuart Smith (139) of Chesterfield. Stuart sadly passed away yesterday. Stuart raced in the late 70's and early 80's under the 139 number and was a regular around the raceways. Kind regards John Wright (128)
  11. Thanks folks, the Chevvy gear box has been sold. Kind regards Sharon
  12. Two sets of brand new Winters gears in the sizes above for sale. Bit extreme in size, will give you 6.7 and 6.9 final drive when used with a 4.6 diff. £40 per set. Thanks
  13. For Sale 3 Speed Chevvy Gear Box Raced in an F1 in the early 90's. Complete with side shifters. A Series Steering Box Was a Bobby Burns spare Sensible Offers only please! Ask any questions here - we will check regularly. Thanks
  14. Shocking news. Sending our condolences from Sharon & John Wright (128)
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