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  1. Just like everyone else I suppose, want to go to as many as I can without her indoors moanin " Oh you can go to Stock car on a w/end but you cant take me out" Correct!!! but living in Stockton-on-Tees (N/East) the travel to tracks is getting expensive with Deisel going on a none stop hike!!!! but thanks to the program Gears and Tears I've got a couple of mates well interested so they'll share the cost, just cant wait for the season to kick off.
  2. Brilliant Site, well done to all concerned.
  3. Here's hoping!!! if only there was a few more tracks nearer N/East (Stockton-on Tees) would be great as it cost me a fortune in to go to as many meetings as I can with a good 2 - 3 1/2 travel to some tracks, Long Eaton might be 2 hours but we're getting closer. Oh long have gone Hartlepool and Aycliffe, 20 mins away!!!
  4. Barrie C

    SSS tribute

    Good words for a good man, God bless you SSS, will miss you with that pint in your hand
  5. Barrie C

    Stuart Smith Snr

    Just heard the sad news, what a Legend, RIP Stu and thought's for all the family.
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