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  1. Dave Mellor would be grand, coming back to beat all the young guns in a new ford powered car! Len Wolfenden or Mike Close perhaps, one can dream.
  2. I think the smart money would be on Wainman, has all the experience in the world. Harris perhaps deserves something for what he's put into the season having led the national standings before the shoot out. But my vote goes to Craig Finnikin, in exceptional form on the shale tracks at present, finding ways of bouncing back in races to pick up good point hauls.
  3. Gary N

    Bonfire burn up

    Keep your chin up Nige! never raced myself but my brother raced in the early 90s, Stuart Neale #298. Couldn't afford a decent car but got out onto the track and spent alot of money over the course of the year for no reward, but I look back and still think what a great season it was to be on the other side and part of a team instead of just a fan. You have my utmost respect for what you do each week, I have no particular favourites, I like all the drivers and will cheer when success comes your way.
  4. Gary N

    How is she ?

    Just been reading the posts, glad to hear that Katie is going to be okay, noone wants to see anyone hurt regardless of age. We turn up each week to watch the different formulas, we have our favourite formulas and our favourite drivers but my respect goes to everyone you races. Fair play also to Rob Tunnah and his team for their generosity in fixing the car for the 229 team, its why we love it so much. Hard and tough on the circuit but genuine people when the race is run.
  5. Have it on good authority that he'll be using Chris Cowley' car, Chris is booked in for Brum but not Northampton at last check.
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