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  1. One Christmas meeting at Sheffield, Dave's seat belt broke so they chained him in! Think it was this car and remember it drove like it was on rails. Often with Dave with one hand on the wheel. Great memories and a fantastic job. Just needs some shale on it
  2. First time I've ever filmed a race and its damn hard to follow the race. Hence I stopped filming part way through and picked it up after a stoppage. Not the most exciting race in stock car history. I was expecting 37 to have a go towards the end.
  3. I may have been there. I know I went to Belle Vue and as I recall we were in a stand which I think was at the open end in later years. I remember the banging and crashing and the steam from the cars.
  4. John Lund qualifying for 2015 World Final. Yeah!!!
  5. Very sad news. Bobby always livened up a meeting. Saw his stockcar parked by the road on the Belgium/Holland border in 1986. One of his team was left with the car and a crate of beer. They'd forgotten the paperwork to get the car into Holland. Fond memories.
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    brian powles

    I saw Brian race many times. I think it was Brian who rolled end to end at the original Belle Vue down the back straight after he hit a parked car and literally was launched skyward. His car was flying at the height of the lights! He finished on the grass. No yellows. No stoppage.
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