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  1. Gary H

    ryan 197

    Sorry just being sarcastic besides it will make no difference to the sport one way or another.
  2. Gary H

    ryan 197

    It's unfair to askk that it's clear Marvin doesn't know and time will tell.
  3. Gary H

    ryan 197

    I heard it was his licence had been revoked so it wouldn't be on Orci ban list and there would be no right to appeal
  4. oohhhh sometimes we need a like button !
  5. I'm with Colin on this one its very unique to oval racing in this country but drivers are connected to numbers and if they win a championship its nice to see them using their number .
  6. many moons ago at Long Eaton John Lund just about destroyed Lawny's car trying to follow some one else in ! true gent that he is he offered to help repair car as an apology needless to say we declined offer and just got on with it !
  7. Gary H

    Guess who`s back!

    no lawny had them on the the wainman step frame car and murry tried them on tar car i think in time its the way to go but time will tell .
  8. Right here goes i will try to put this to rest once and for all,but i think frank built first off set motor for Bradford world final not sure of year but maybe 92 ? this was cut to move engine over to inside and also in the rear to allow for inside back shock to be mounted inside the main rail thus allowing back axle to be moved over so tyre rubbed against cab . That winter rules were changed so there was a minimum gap of 4" between wheel and chassis and a max engine offset of 1.5" Frank was told his car had to have cut outs filled in and we all believed that was the end of off set motors . Andys as you can see has the whole of the back end moved across so he found the loop hole we had ignored to bring this car into line with the rules now would be a real head ache . The only question should be how long should he be allowed to use this motor? ps Franks went to scrap yard here in Norfolk after Lawny bent it .
  9. regards brakes we used to use comp brake discs and pads on tar cars but these were then band , now they use bmw transit highbread discs with more expensive pads to deal with the heat .
  10. I have very little contact with f1 stocks now, most of what i hear comes from these pages and i must say it confirms why i gave up. All i read on here is moans, groans and general griping. Frank is one of the nicest blokes in the sport what ever he chooses to do is up to him and you should thank him for all the effort and entertainment he has provided i for one want to say thanks for all your help and advice you have provided through the years and good luck to you what ever you do in the future. Fred.
  11. Was'nt just Avon tyres lawny tried 13 "tyres from formula ford think they were Dunlops (and yes caddy did end up with us but came from Harters) also Neil Briggs was using same formula ford tyres.
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