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  1. As a local I much prefer having more races on the programme. However if the result of the two formula meetings creates a better/happier crowd and greater confidence in running events at Owlerton then i'm all for it.
  2. Any of the bars are good, beer in actual glass and free wifi for keeping up to date with the points Although the sportsman on turn 3 is very rarely open for stockcar events which is a shame because its definitley my favourite of the 3 (4 if you count the downstairs one).
  3. Thats surprising, thought Ipswich is a lot faster than Northampton with its tighter bends. Only 25 meters difference according to mylaps, is that accurate? Northampton being 360m compared to 385m at Ipswich. Guessing that if the Ipswich length is wrong the cars are doing longer laps on a oval that is supposedly about the same length and reducing the average speed.
  4. Ty for the the results as always, looked like a great meeting!
  5. Love the wing, not a big fan of the front end though. But its always nice to see something different.
  6. Jack D

    world final music

    A few I would like to hear.. Just your typical build up music. yes i know its a advert, but for some reason it really gets me in the mood. The "Good things come to those who wait" theme makes you want it even more. For the Rock fans Yello - The Race Its just a classic George Thorogood - Gear Jammer Another rocky one, one of my favourite songs ever. Dont really see where it would fit in during a meeting though . one for the overseas entrants Clubby music, (Contains Swearing) Havn't heard it for ages at a meeting
  7. stick me in please too Jack Dyer
  8. brilliant job again, loving the new lundy upgrades
  9. yeah same a real let down and only one sheffield date, im going to go cry in a corner
  10. http://www.facebook.com/groups/229754620432254/ does that work?
  11. wow good list, and good to see captain chaos is back!
  12. should have the dodgems like they do for the crashattack banger meeting!
  13. Jack D

    Bezz (260) at NIR

    is it the young jacklins that are having bezz's car or cars?
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