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  1. Does anyone now there is a live broadcast?
  2. I heard the @247.tv is doing the filming this year. Not AMG. Feite
  3. In holland they are recycled for many years. contact me for info. Feite
  4. The best track ever ! Nice atmosfere, nice people place to be
  5. looks nice great job ! are you racing on shale in the cecil car ? i wonder why feite
  6. Feite124

    Holland 2013

    the plan is too have an english night on the night of 29 april.( 2 heats, consi and final) 30 april is the "queen battle" there are approached a few top english drivers too go overseas. will be a top race. feite
  7. 515 he's driving is like the old days. feite
  8. Thanks for the nice racing andy ! I wish andy and family the best. Andy was and is stil a great inspiration for me a a dutch f1 driver. I always followed him ad stoxnet form Holland. At shale he's still the man too beat ! Enjoy youre retirement ! Feite van der Veen H124
  9. Feite124

    New Cars

    the tar car of wainman 515 is sold, is going abroad, to holland. so i heard. so i think he has build a new one. feite
  10. how about this one ? greeting from Holland, Feite H124
  11. How car is this ??? Make a Guess !
  12. Overseas there are some new cars'next year: H151 Marco Falkena , red racing car H124 Feite der Veen self build car Louw Wobbes new tarmac car Axel Nijs ? Greetings Feite
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