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  1. Well said sam totally agree with what she's put
  2. Get well soon pal,me and me lad love reading your blogs keep it up ignore the idiots
  3. I knew he had a lot of success in f2's then made the switch to 1's did very well then just retired all of a sudden about the same time I stopped going to watch due to buying my first house etc so never got to find out what the reason was that's all
  4. Hi this may be common knowledge but why did rob retire from f1's a few years back??
  5. must say never thought it would look like that ,but looks great
  6. hope your luck changes soon nige as youve had a bad run of it lately but once youve got the niggly bits sorted your be up there for sure
  7. what has the ex smith car cost sworder does anyone know?? it will pay for its self at this rate with prize money
  8. Adam Smith

    Packing in

    nooooooooooooooooooo way!!!!! had me going for a minute until i scrolled down the page at least i hope so
  9. willie wanklyn!! wish he still raced today lol
  10. Adam Smith


    i heard lee has retired due to buying house etc,hopefully not for ever as he has some talent
  11. i dont see the problem it was a bit of fun /chaos at the end of the day
  12. d.o.d 515 drove faultless, loved his comment about the harrison lunge [does ryan think this is the world final!!!] lol
  13. how much is it to get in for this ? bringing 2 kids aswell 5,8 year olds
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