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    I agree with Dave above, your car will go well at venray, give it a go
  2. RR 1 DoD Joe Nickolols, Cowley was good to watch in the semi. Classic hotrods were the best racing of the evening, and I honestly cannot belive I am saying that, but its true.
  3. Something I was thinking about earlier... there was an opinion that could have swung whether they ran it or not, and that was the crowd. the commentator could have said ok we have a dilemma, do you the crowd want to see the race today in these conditions, or postpone it, all those who want to see it shout now!! those who want it postponed shout now! Actually, this could have been quite exciting, and it would have made us all feel part of the decision, there is something in that right? We would then have all come home with our decision one way or another, and there would be far less of this rambling on stoxnet about shouldnt they or should they, in therory we would have voted and that would have been that. I did hear a driver again very early in the meeting saying the crowd doesnt want to watch the race like this, but how do you know, unless you ask them right? A primitive solution, maybe in the future though, could be deployed if all else fails.
  4. Ok, so riddle me this... 3 euro titles on the programe, rebels and F2's run theirs, and by the time of the F1 final the track is looking almost quite decent on the racing line (Infact the final was a good one, even if just to hear stu smith knocking 7 colours of S--- out of the car he was stuck up against in turn 3). Surely all 3 formulas should have raced, or none at all. Colin C, whilst i respect most of your posts on here, the look at there is more important things than stock cars, of course there is, infact I am in a very similar situation, but hey that is nothing to do with this. This is the second NIR meeting where the main event has been cancelled this year, V8 euro, and now the F1's. The weekend cost me nearly 300 quid, and I didnt see what I paid for, yes we all got wet etc, the point is that to just brush this away with it is what it is is no good. I am a stockcar fan, have been for 35 years, and yes, I race an F2 so do know what its like both sides of the fence. The racing was getting better as the day went on so there was absolutely no reason why the F1's couldnt have run their european as scheduled. So, next NIR, do I go if its raining? you tell me. I stayed it out yesterday because my 9 year old son had been looking forward to this weekend for 3 months. Do I start having to prep him in the car on the way that what we are coming to see might not happen? Next generations and all that? Whilst I understand that we all must stay positive, after 35 years, yesterday did really anger me. I'm sure I will get called a keyboard warrior for having my own opinion, but for the first time of being a member on here for a good few years, I cant help but actually give my opinion. And another thing... drivers wanting to save their cars for the Semi final next week, this was the EUROPEAN championship for heavens sake!! I was stood next to drivers in the pits after F1 heat one and they were discussing whether to run it or not, after heat one? some patience would have made for a fantastic final. The track was the same at any given time for anyone out there. Its like going to watch the FA cup final, and the teams saying nah, instead you can watch the subs have a kick about. imagine that right? Call the meeting off, or run it as scheduled, surely.
  5. Good job today nige, using the plating to get you round was awesome to watch
  6. love these videos, keep at it
  7. I understand that the grader was out of commission today, otherwise I am sure that they would have used it. oh, on the day where it may have made a world of difference. how about that.
  8. We are saving the wristbands in hope that the only proof needed for the discount?
  9. Why didn't they grade the track at any point? That's what I cant understand, surely they could have removed a lot of the slop, but not once did they grade the track. I understand the conditions were tough, but there was no track work going on between races at all. Still airing our camping stuff out in the lounge...
  10. Not meaning to jump on the coventry bandwagon, but it is honestly true that since the closure of the stadium I have had to look at things slightly differently. I first went racing when I was 9, my dad and uncle were regular fans, and their dad before them, im now 42. For years we did all the coventry meetings, and all the northampton meetings, and in the last decade or so, the odd birmingham. These tracks were all within an hour or so from me, banbury. So cov closed, which meant if we wanted a regular fix of stock cars we were going to need to travel, enter stoke, hednesford, sheffield, kings lynn and even buxton this year as well as the dusty NIR, which i actually really enjoyed. I guess I now have to look at it all a bit differently. In some ways this is good as we have broadened our horizons, but in a lot of ways I now have to dedicate a lot more time, cash and effort to get to the same amount of meetings I used to years ago. The world wont stop turning, but for me the closure of cov meant things changed. Family members only did the cov meetings so not seeing them there is sad... but I still love it. see you at the euros!
  11. I have to admit, that whilst generally positive about the meetings we attend, this weekend really was a bit of a let down. We have been going to the Euros for years.. Saturday night you are usually fighting for a square meter of grass to stand on, let alone the sunday, but saturday night by all accounts the place was empty. Very odd. There was just no atmosphere, the racing was tame, and come sunday it was much the same. Come the 'big race' I thought ok, here we go... but it didnt really go... Fair play to Frankie for trying to do what he knew he had to do, as Wainman fans that was one minute of the whole weekend me and my boy did get lost in 'stockcars'. I have never commented on DoD before, so this is a first, but for somebody who does 'actually have a stock car' and therefore get all the misery that goes with it, I just wanted to give my view. This year was weird. RR: 4 DotD: 445 (untouchable)
  12. Excellent post Bagman. Positive solutions is what its all about. Great reading, and some good ideas.
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