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    RC Racing (oval & circuit)<br />Shooting & fishing, Photography,<br />Karting and of course F1 Stox.
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  1. When I arrived at Kings Lynn on Saturday around 5pm I was suprised to see that they were using the grass car park already, and on listening in whilst queing to get in to the stadium, I heard quite a few mentions of the gears and tears programe. From what I heard it seemed that quite a few family's new to the sport had turned up to watch for the first time
  2. Unfortunatly I didn't find them very helpful, so due to the fact that we cannot guarantee a disabled friendly parking place that my mrs can spectate from, we will not be able to attend this weekend Its a shame that, as she was quite looking forward to an evening out watching the f1s & 2s, suppose she'll have to make do with Britain's not got talent again instead.
  3. Hi All I have been trying to find out about disabled access/facilities at Skegness stadium as my missus who is wheelchair bound would like to come with me to watch on Saturday evening. I have been in touch with the stadium staff/owners with my enquiry as to weather I could book a space to park trackside, to be told no I could not, and that trackside parking is on a first come first served basis and that the gates open at 1pm. Imagine how disappointed I was to hear this, we would be travelling 2 1/2 hours to the stadium on the chance that if there are no spaces left trackside we would have to turn round and go home, or we will have to get there for 1pm and sit around waiting for the racing to start at 6pm. I find this to be a pretty unhelpfull and poor attitude as I would have paid for the tickets and the extra for trackside parking over the phone in advance. So I am now left with taking a chance, or getting there for 1pm which is ok for me as I could probably amuse myself with a pit walk or two but my missus is going to be left sitting in the car for 5 hours before the racing even starts ps does anyone know (because i forgot to ask) if a) there's any disabled toilets on site if there is can they be accessed from the trackside parking area easily.
  4. The Stig obviously wasn't on top form last sunday as Jon357 beat him in the final in a borrowed car
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    oo'er Ted when you next come in to the pits with crash damage, you'll need to be very precise in which bit needs clubbing, the bit with the wheels or the bit with the crash hat on
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    Hi all, I am the latest stoxnet member from the 357lewis.com team. Looking forward to settling into your community and making a few friends at F1 meets in 2010 Ray...
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