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  1. I'd guess H&S they certainly made their presence felt last year in the action area.
  2. Autograss cars ran a full meeting at Lynn last year and are back this year in November, I believe, too
  3. Ed-B

    Mick Sworder

    To play devil's advocate here, are you saying that because Mick is an entertaining driver, then normal rules don't apply to him and/orsimilar drivers?
  4. Ed-B

    northampton chat

    Amazing how many track grading experts there is on here & Fb, but funnily enough not one was there on the day offering to help out. Just my opinion before you all jump on me from a great hight, not that I care, I have skin like a rhino.
  5. Ed-B

    Shootout 11?

    You'll be surprised no one's suggested the shoot out final should be held in Bradford next. ............. Ducking for cover now
  6. That's assuming that the transponder loop is actually working under all that slop.
  7. My favourite ever race will be. Heat 1 on 1st April 2017.
  8. A "quick" race for all the regular tractor drivers ;-)
  9. What a final, definitely one of those remember when moments. R/r a well deserved 10/10 Dod 515
  10. That final was the most savage race I have ever witnessed. Total respect to every driver involved.
  11. You speak for yourself young Andrew. Some of the others work really hard. See you next year. Ed
  12. There's lots of companies that will replace the friction material on brake pads. I'm fairly certain that Mintex still offer the service too.
  13. RR 7 DoD 445 The racing wasn't to bad considering the grim weather, but hey it's November so to be expected. Thought all drivers in all formulas did a great job. I'll keep my thoughts on a couple of the marshals to myself, suffice to say not impressed.
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