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    watching stockcar racing
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    Long time Fan - firstly Aycliffe.
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    Started watching @ Coventry for 77 world final prior to leaving NE to live and work in the Midlands.
    Raced FWS hire car @ Brum one meeting in 92.
  1. Awesome work to organise all of this, thanks to all concerned.
  2. JimDS


    There are some on e bay at the moment - new and second hand
  3. Great trip, although I knew it was a long way from the midlands the remote positioning makes the weekly journeys even more incredible. The team must do spaceship mileages - I know others do too but the Wainmans are consistent attenders at everything - home ands away. Well done for a memorable day. Good luck for Belle Vue and thanks for the effort made today.
  4. Said earlier that there will be 2 of us come. Well, add 4 more to that, CU
  5. Great news, can you put a post code and open times please? Having read on here the reports from last year I think I'd like to be there if at all possible. Thanks
  6. JimDS

    Venray for dummies

    For those driving through Belgium with an LPG vehicle, in June LPG was 58 cents per litre which makes cheap motoring. Adapter needed to fill but i think Holland and our fillers the same and similar to UK price too.
  7. JimDS

    Mark Peters

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of this situation the sanction (s) seem excessive to me and inconsistent. Stadium ban may be appropriate - a question of judgement. The driving ban is completely OTT as the incident was totally nothing to do with driving or driver associated behaviour. It appears to me to be vindictive and a form of bullying reminding drivers and fans who are the bosses on this sport. I hope drivers association applies pressure to sort this out quickly and that common sense prevails
  8. Leave them in your car better than an alarm lol
  9. Quality, well worth the wait
  10. JimDS

    sad news

    A big guy with a strong local and family following. RIP
  11. pm sent pm sent - do you want to sell it
  12. No Nige, it's not like Speedway with 4 laps a race - you have to keep going for 16 laps minimum.. Hi Paul, do you think I might win the world championship before you do?
  13. JimDS

    Travel to stadiums

    Perhaps there could be another dimension for existing stadium promotors to add to their portfolio, or fan groups to take on board themself. If there were coaches run from stadium bases around the country eg. Belle View to Coventry, Birmingham to Northampton etc it should cut costs considerably. In the 80's there were often coaches being run to major events like the World Final and also to Holland. The need for such initiatives has never been greater than now.
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