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  1. Must admit I was cringing when I saw how slow the TV presenter was when the flag dropped and immediately thought this could be very embarrasing for the sport. But the drivers must have been well briefed and did what they could to make it look like close racing. Hopefully with some good editing it might look quite good, perhaps they can speed the filming up a bit.
  2. Paul

    Stock Bodied Cars

    Here's the Focus... or slightly resembling a Focus version!
  3. Well if you believe everything Steve Rees says it doesn't look at all promising for the future of F1 particularly at Belle Vue unless their are radical changes in the expenses side of staging F1 meetings. Is F1 really on the ropes and losing fans all the time? Maybe Steve does have a point about there being too many F1 meetings and maybe a lot of fans just not able to afford to go to as many meetings as they would like. Fewer meetings might just make the difference..... Possible Advantages Hopefully, more drivers booking in for meetings, although a lot of promoters might not see that as a bonus because of the added expense to them, (could anything be done to bring down the costs of staging F1?). More hard core F1 followers going to most of the meetings.... it's them that keep the sport alive. It could possibly even increase the local fan base if there were an increase in F1 entrants and more hype because of fewer meetings. Possible Drawbacks Would existing drivers be put off by fewer meetings and walk away? Less meetings means less involvement and talk about F1, would fans eventually do the same and walk away? What's a little worrying though especially for Steve and Belle Vue is after all the hype of Terminator (which was labelled as the biggest banger event at Belle Vue so far!), is that the amount of Bangers turning up only numbered 25, that's down on last years entry. Saying that 2 Litre Bangers at Belle Vue nearly always get a decent turnout. I dare say someone will come back with quality not quantity (with the Bears team and drivers like Rob Speak and of course Wilfy etc). It would have been a different story if the Bears team hadn't made the trip and you can't expect them to be there regularly. Saying that with Steve putting the Bears up in a hotel overnight will I'm sure have helped them decide to make every effort to return. I imagine all the other drivers that perhaps didn't travel quite as far as the Bears were looked after in a similar way, at least I hope so as it has the makings of upsetting a few drivers to reward only certain ones, whether they travelled the furthest or not. I'm really starting to wonder if it's not just down to F1 losing fans but oval racing altogether, the main problem with F1 being the expense of staging them for promoters. I'm not sure what the answer is but I agree with Colin Casserley that we should not be trying to alienate one formula against another, it doesn't do anybody any good. I have always been a Banger fan, but I also enjoy watching the F1's, admittedly I don't go very often but that's down to my own circumstances. The first ever F1 meeting I saw was at Hednesford in the mid seventies so I'm not new to F1 and understand that of all oval racing formulae, F1 probably has the greatest amount of hard core followers.... not most fans as that's a different story. Add up all the Banger fans across the UK and that would be quite a large amount. The beauty about F1 and it's travelling drivers is that a large amount of fans follow them wherever they go, lets hope this increases rather than decreases. I hope BriSCA and the BSCDA recognise there might be a problem, (if they haven't already) start to address it and listen to those who are passionate about F1 and only have the improved future of F1 in mind. With this being by far the most popular BriSCA forum they don't have to look far for some good sensible arguments from fans and drivers as to what might work in the future. Of course you'll always get the odd post that is totally negative and non helpful but that's life. The comparison of which formula seems to pull the crowds will be highlighted at the next Belle Vue F1 meeting, which is also on a Sunday and is of similar status to the hype Terminator got. Steve will either be right, or in pocket with a more decent crowd for the F1 meeting, can't loose really can he, well perhaps a little cash if he's right. I have to add that there are too many variables like how much is spent on advertising, weather etc, for it to be an accurate comparison but I think these two meetings are about as close as you'll get to being similar. My money is on the F1 meeting having the larger crowd, but will it be big enough to produce the sort of profit Steve Rees would like or could it even make a loss? Sorry about the long post...quantity not quality.
  4. I admit it is a bit confusing to those that haven't been members from the start. I have added an 'Introduction' link on the Home Page which gives an outline of what the sites about. Modifications have been added as time goes on and I will eventually have full explanations of what there is on there. I don't think it will appeal to all hardened race fans.... it's just a light hearted fun site with Oval Motor Sport ties. Obviously it would never rival this site, but hopefully a few more of you might occasionally visit, even if it's just to have a bet! Cheers.
  5. Paul

    OT: Videos

    I think one thing we need regarding racing videos is to be careful about getting permission to film at certain tracks, especially if anyone is thinking of charging to see them. I know Incarace used to be quite touchy about people filming the racing, even when I approached them for permission to let a Welsh TV company film some Banger Racing a few years back, they had to approach DH Videos first to get permission. I think Incarace had sold the video rights to them. I love watching all the clips on here, there's some really interesting shots. I'm just wondering how far we can go before promoters decide to clamp down on us. Hopefully if they're just short clips and no charges are in place then perhaps they'll look at it as being good publicity rather than try and clamp down on it. Let's hope that's the case.
  6. The Oval Motor Sport site now has a new address www.ovalmotorsport.com, it also has a much better host....Digital Red. I think most of you on here realise who owns that company, so the site should be much more reliable. Thanks to Daniel for all his help.
  7. other parts, which she thought
  8. I said I'd reply when I had a bit more news. It seems the ovalmotorsport.co.uk website host took exception to a rather large file on the site and said the webspace shouldn't be used as storage. I had no warning of the site being disabled and no explanation of why, until I stumbled across a message in the control panel which was very vague. After days of slow replies from the host, I finally had an explanation (today, Wednesday). I've agreed to remove the file and hopefully they should enable http://ovalmotorsport.co.uk tomorrow (Thursday). I'm hoping to use a new host soon which I'm sure will be more friendly, much quicker and reliable. Once again sorry if anyone on here has tried to use the site and had a 'Could not be found' warning.
  9. Paul

    Coventry Dates

    My opinion is that putting F1's on with Bangers is purely a commercial decision, the chances are the crowd will be much larger than either a Banger meeting supported by any other formula (excluding F1s), or F1's being supported by any other formula (excluding Bangers). I also think the comments labelling all Banger drivers as idiots and having no skill is well out of order. As for the comment about there is no skill in winning a Demolition Derby, well I think there is. Anyone know how many DD's Coventry Avenger Mark Holdsworth has won, it must be an aweful lot and it's not just car preperation or pure luck. If a stadium owner wants big crowds then having a big turnout of F1's and Bangers on the same day is as good as it's going to get, regarding crowd size. For me it's the two formlae that I would like to see together a lot more. Valid point about Banger fans having to pay £14 though (if that's how much it is), it may turn a few away, but is there any need to be charging that much if they're limiting the amount of F1's? I'm not saying the meeting isn't worth £14, it's just that SOME Banger fans may feel they are subsidising the F1's with the hike in the price compared to normal Banger meetings. If the crowd is big enough then perhaps the price at any similar meeting may be reduced? In my dreams.
  10. Glad somebody noticed. Having hosting problems, can't get an answer from them until office hours!! Hopefully the problem will be resolved tomorrow. As soon as I have any news I'll let you know. Sorry the site is offline...at a time when you had the most 'All Time Wins' in the games section as well!
  11. BSA Bantam (field bike, I was 13 years old at the time and my parents never knew I had it! Me and my mate shared ownership and it was kept at his place). Honda CD 175 First road legal motorised transport and I can honestly say that when I picked it up from the motorbike shop at the age of 16 it was probably one of the most exciting days of my life. Had it for two years, never passed my test and then went for four wheeled transport. 1966 Mini Van (First four wheeled transport & many happy hours spent keeping it on the road!) 1968 Hillman Minx (first tow car) 1971 Ford Zephyr 2500cc Mk 4 Manual (2nd tow car as I had a few bad experiences snaking on the motorway with the Minx & Trailer, so thought a heavier tow car might be more suitable). Vauxhall 101 (Free car that just needed a new leaf spring, kept it for a few months and then raced it at Hedno) There's a photo if I can find it out of me coming round the bend with the bonnet up, the crowd on the photo was massive compared to the crowds you see today, just wish I could find the damn photo. Just out of camera shot there was a parked car...I didn't see it of course....but at least the bonnet shut....on the top of his boot! Wolsley 18/85 1966 Ford Zodiac 3000cc Auto Mk4 (Cost £30, needed a little welding, kept it for about 12 months and then raced it). 1971 Triumph 2000 (Another free car that just needed a bit of tuning, kept if for about six months and then sold it to a mate who raced it at Monmore Green) 1968 Austin A60 Cambridge (Raced quite a few so thought I'd try one on the road...wish I hadn't bothered!) 1975 Triumph 2000 with overdrive Bedford CF Van LWB (The kids loved it, all grown up now of course, nine seats and side windows, ideal tow vehicle) Ford Granada Mk1 3000cc Auto Ford Granada Mk2 2800cc Auto 1989 Nissan Micra (For own use and self employed Driving School) Kawasaki 440 Ltd (Interest rekindled in bikes, so past my test after many years away from two wheels). 1992 Nissan Sunny (For own use and self employed Driving School) Suzuki GS 850 Did a lot of work on this bike, one job was replacing the crankshaft with conrods attached (Roller Bearings) from donor bike. Finally finished all the work and a few weeks later...Car hit me head on, car driver at fault. luckily he hit the engine and not my legs and I went straight over the top of his car...thought I was dead, ended up with broken shoulder and lots of bruises!! He had a few points added to his licence but I did manage to get £10,000 damages off his insurance! Eventually managed to repair the bike (tough bike) and sold it on at a profit! Suzuki 600S Bandit (Brand new bike bought with money made from previous escapade!) 1987 Vauxhall Astra Belmont (Astra with boot!) 1990 Ford Sierra 1800cc (Finally got rid of it when you couldn't see anything in the mirror because of smoke!) Gave it away to a friend and a few people had some stress relief with it, but that's another story). Current Transport Nissan Primera 1600, nothing to rave about but just keeps going. I've probably missed a few out but when you get to my age your memory fades a bit!
  12. Richard, Sorry for misleading you....it seems it's the Finalised Startrax Fixture list that will be available at Buxton not the Finalised BriSCA F1 fixture list. As far as I'm aware there are no changes to the 2005 BriSCA F1 Fixtures that were amended recently and can be viewed here.
  13. Buxton Sunday 5th December 11.30 AM Startrax SuperBowl Unlimited Bangers, 2 Litre Bangers, RookiBangers, Hot Fords & RookiRods Steve Rees has asked me to post details of this meeting (although I mentioned it might get a frosty reception ) as an 'Alternative Therapy Session' for Stock Car Fan withdrawal symptoms. Not only can you see much more action at this meeting compared to your normal F1/F2 meeting but you'll be able to get your copy of the finalised 2005 F1 fixture list and if you're after that special Xmas present...a Startrax 2005 Season Ticket, these will be available at Buxton. More details of the Startrax season ticket can be found here. Now could this topic last 24 hours before it drops of the first page?? Tumbleweed springs to mind.
  14. Paul

    f1 fixtures 2005

    Also...Workington Saturday 19th March is now Workington Sunday 20th March.
  15. Just a bit of info about the awards night....Admission is £12 and it will be from 7.30.pm till late, this is not just open to drivers but to fans as well. If you wish to reserve a ticket then please phone Steve Rees on 01484 850081. There shouldn't be a problem paying on the night although there will be a maximum of 200 people allowed. Dog racing will also be on at the stadium during that evening!
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