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  1. DOTD - 390, cant be anyone else, but mentions to 515, 318, 326 and 53 who was rolling back the years with awesome pace and a great last bender in his heat RR - 9/10
  2. The meeting was as good as it realistically could be, given the car numbers! Some very nice looking cars, and a couple of good battles! Shame amout the teething problems for a handful of drivers, which meant the racing wasn't quite as close, but nonetheless enjoyable to watch! Especially a couple of brilliant battles between 515 and 212! DOD has got to be 84/1 but wasn't hugely tested. RR: all considered, a good 6
  3. Right'o! Thought as much, cheers
  4. Anyone seen or aware of the Booking list for Skegness?
  5. Josh K

    birmingham chat

    Failed scrutineering, not sure exactly what
  6. Josh K

    birmingham chat

    Yeah didn't make his heat, then a flatty
  7. Josh K

    birmingham chat

    Evening all, not at brum tonight unfortunately! anyone know why Tom was late?
  8. Josh K

    In one piece

    Well done Nige, great to see you enjoying yourself! And not backing away from the red tops! Roll on cov!
  9. Could have gone to a whole host of drivers, 335, 174, 259, 22, 16 and 212 were very fast and all looked the part but gonna go with ... DOD- 335, RR 8 considering it was a pre-April meeting! Roll on next week
  10. Agreed, if you wear a black cross to protect you from being hit while you learn the ropes (no fence pun intended... honest) then you hit someone, you should expect it be hit back. In theory if you cannot hit a car with a black cross on the back, Karl could have just put every other car in the fence and won everything as no one would be allowed to retaliate, how daft would that be. He got involved and came off worse, I just hope i'm there when the payback happens... real stock car racing. ^ ^ ^ Agreed!
  11. DOTD - 217 - he was rapid! RR - BIG 10! Best meeting since last years british. top notch!
  12. DOTD - 73 RR - 9 (not as good as saturday)
  13. Q1 - 212 (joker) Q2 - 41 Q3 - 2 Q4 - Choice B Bonus - Tom Harris Cheers
  14. Mentions to 337, 55, 197 and 322 who were quick and entertaining all night but.. my DOTD goes to 53 - John lund who was going like poo off a spade, and would have even caught 150 if it wasnt for the puncture 2 laps from the end of final RR - A good 8
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