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  1. good meeting with alot of action. dont understand why they were taking shale from the corners and dumping it in the infield. surely they should put it back on the racing line. not going to get involved in the 84 and 150 row. Dotd. #2 very consistant all night. woth a win 3rd in final and 2nd in GN
  2. yes but i left after the final. so i didnt see the Gn live only seen it on video
  3. ahh ok it doesnt show that on the video. the fact tom was off for 2 laps, just shows the incident, still think it happens very quickly. i. sure will be debated for a while
  4. ye i see where everyone is coming from but looking at the video it all happens so quick. tom has got previous and obviously after the happenings in the consi it was always going to get tast, i like tom good car builder and fantastic driver i hope he didnt mean it because that would be bang out of order
  5. i saw it on facebook. from the video seems like micks car dies coming out of turn 2 and tom his him 2 seconds later. looks bad but as ive said not sure if its on purpose
  6. all opinions adrian. im not a harris fan and after seeing the video im not 100% sure its on purpose thats why i said only tom knows
  7. ChrisE

    Clashing meetings

    i went to texel this year. was amazing. miles vetter than any of our tarmac venues anyway.
  8. looking at the video also people are jusmping on the band wagon. mick stops on the start of the back straoght and tom comes out at full speed and hits him. only tom knows if it was on purpose.
  9. 150 hit 84 in the consi after 84 passed im cleanly, 84 came back out as 150 was stranded and 84 hit 2 cars into him as he was parked. not sure about GN as i had left.
  10. they were scooping all the shale and putting into the centre??
  11. For me i would love #2 to win it, defo has it in him however doesn't show his aggression enough and this year he has been better on shale than tarmac which is unusual. if i took my harrison tinted glasses off i wouldnt mind newson to win it he deserves a big win.
  12. Ye i understand that neil and im not saying this just coz rubber won the final but winning the consi and not appearing in any other results does not warrant a driver of the day in my opinion. Too many people quote from one race or driver tinted glasses on
  13. Cant believe the 2nd driver of the day on here was for the winner of the consi?? Anyway amazing meeting seeing #2 race like that was unreal. After many years of watching him not use his bumper enough and now seeing him win 2 finals in a row by being by far the fastest man on the track and pushing fwj aside and driving away from him even in his fwjs new flying machine was superb. All drivers in the final need special mentions was epic Rr 10/10 Dotd #2
  14. I honestly thought 37 chris cowley was a lap behind when i saw he had won, was i the only one thinking this as a few people around me thought this aswell. However he wasnt and what a great drive nice to see the emotion aswell, racing is always great and cov and what a real shame its going. DOTD 390 RR 8
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