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  1. Dear Chris 53, What I wrote WAS definite.. from the horses mouth at Incarace. I phoned them yesterday. I thought you would love to know....just like the next person. I am not pursuaded to report gossip/rumour/whatever. Shame you assumed that my post lacked integrity. Seems that I wasn't the last to know then.
  2. Is everyone aware that there will be NO grandstand seating at this year's F1 World Final or am I the last to find something out as usual? (not being too regular a reader of this forum). They said they couldn't get one!!!! I wonder why not?!? What does this say about the status of BRISCA F1? and what does it say about incarace/ Spedeworth in relation to BRISCA F1?
  3. SteveBen

    Stuart Smith Snr

    Simply the BEST (EVER). A tragic loss to the sport (in many ways) and special thoughts to his family at this time. I will continue to wear my "Smithy" cap with tremendous memories locked inside my head. There will only ever be one Maestro!
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