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  1. Good nights racing from both fourmulars , 445 not afraid to use the bumper and he is one to watch for the silver . Some good fair hits going in and there is one or two contenders for my vote but I think #2 takes it RR 9 .
  2. Heats were a little tame I think we were all expecting it to be a brutal affair from the off . Lots of big guns not even making it on to the grid , then them that did didn't disappoint us 217 and 197 didn't want each other to win it , thought 300 played a dirty trick on 318 on the first restart . Was hoping 16 was in for a change of roof colour as he has been knocking on the door just lately , so well done 515 but my dod is 518 r/r 9
  3. Well that was skeg Vegas at it's best , the heats were good but the final and gn stepped it up a notch . 445 / 464 incerdent was right in front and as said above it was a follow in , 445 putting it in all night but that's what we pay how money for . So my vote for dod and determination of the day is 445 r/r big fat 9 well done skeg
  4. A good nights racing hard at times but that's why we keep going , 515 has the little bit more at the minute but he rides the hits and drives away . 25 was unlucky had a good lead but the yellows put a stop to that .445 had a night to forget only managed a couple of laps in is heat before he hit the fence and he only got back out for the gn DOD 25 R/R 9
  5. I think they will be looking for dan . Hopefully he will get the chance to take them out and do what he needs
  6. Good nights racing I thought , f2s were a waste of time but v8s were good for a change . A lot of people think tar racing is dead on its feet but how could you fault them last night . I pay my money to watch good hard racing and I wasn't disappointed . 390 wasn't in the mood to muck about 318 kept is chances of keeping silver alive 217 really wants the silver and showed that last night but DOD is 16 Matt Newson R/R 9
  7. Before everybody jumps in and says if you don't like it don't go , but am only asking this question . Is it necessary to charge £10 for a 5 year old
  8. Looking at the price to get in for the euros I don't think I will be going £105 admission £20 to stay over, GREEDY GITS
  9. If at 15 year old you carnt buy alcohol , cigarettes , lottery tickets or even allowed to vote so why do we have to pay full price for them . Surely the future spectators are our children so if they don't go now to watch will they bother in the future . So surely promoters can see this , I don't have a problem with adult prices at all but it is a bit steep for a 15 year old
  10. Not the best meeting I have seen but then again not the worst . 217 deserves the win did what he does best gets is head down and gets on with it . Pace cars do we need them ? Catering out let's I thought were understaffed Car park was bit of a joke getting out , just a shame 217 on is parade lap the stadium just about empty , may be an alcomers race to have kept the crowd there for him to recive well earned round of applause . R/R 6 DOD. 217
  11. I heard at skeg lee m that 318 having a Harris built car next season don't no how true it is thou lee
  12. I see 84 as loaded up but they said they don't know why Could it be to do with is possible 10 day stand down having read about what happens last night
  13. Now then Nigel you did make me laugh when me and Paul came to see you . Then you said you changed this , that , and every other thing pleased you qualified and it was me who gave you a pip on way home
  14. The f1s just didn't get on it last night but you can't expect them to every meeting . Not sure why a lot of f1s were getting punctures . Some good drives young Jordan with a win , Bradley didn't do to bad 172 from red went well but think 217 gets it the way he just gets down to business while the others are knocking 7 bells out each other DOD 217. R/R 7
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