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  1. Hahaha,those "Harrison" options .... tasers...where do you come up with these things,thanks for the laugh today
  2. Thank you results team,have a happy new year !
  3. ChrisH8

    mud in your eye!

    Great write up again Nigel,thanks,sounds like you had fun,Happy new year and good luck for next season
  4. ChrisH8

    Thanks Jane507

    From me too Jane and helpers,a big thank you results service is excellent,hope to see you back for 2015
  5. Can only agree with what's said above,thanks for taking the time to blog,it is together with Jane&co's results threads about the only thing i read every week Enjoy the time off,i'm sure it is needed
  6. ChrisH8

    Still Smiling!

    Excellent "Race Report" as always Nigel,and great to see you're still enjoying yourself,now that the tarmac car is for sale (or has it sold already?) will you just be doing shale next year or can we expect some bigger plans for 2015 ? Thanks for keeping us updated,poster of the year indeed
  7. Haha,nice one good to read you're doing well Nigel
  8. Great write up again Nigel,glad to hear you've enjoyed yourself i commented on fb on a pic of that carnage too,did you forget to attach that fishing line to Stuarts car ?
  9. Thank you Nic,top night for Stuart :-)
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