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  1. Just signed up as well, roll on the 2008 season!
  2. It is almost entirely due to finding and reading Stoxnet that I returned to watching Brisca F1 again this season I have really enjoyed all the meetings I have attended and when I have been unable to go I have been able to follow the results on this website as well as enjoying most of the lively debates. Count me in as a Stoxnet 2008 supporter, just let me know when you want the money
  3. I rememer Bill coming to a Presentation Night of the Otley & District Stockcar Supporters Club in the late Seventies. He was appearing in the pantomine at the Bradford Alhambra and he came after a friday evening performance to present the prizes. A true gentleman.
  4. OldPeculiar

    Best Champ

    For me it has to be Dave Chisholm. To win three years straight beating the great Superstu into second place on each occasion
  5. Many thanks for a great service, it has made a long afternoon in the office at work pass a lot quicker, cheers !
  6. OldPeculiar


    Hi everyone, Another new member here who has 'come back' to F1 stock Car racing after many years away. My interest was renewed again largely due to this website and have managed a good few meetings again this season My first meeting was at nelson in 1974 and I was instantly 'hooked' with the atmosphere created. After that I hardly missed a meeting anywhere over the next few years , I can even remember driving from Rochdale to Wolvehampton on a sunday afternoon after rochdale was called off. Nelson of all the tracks I have visited will always be my favorite, it was unique !
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