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    Inertest outside stock cars include Grand Prix racing Super Bikes and Moto GP big Valentino Rossi fan. PlayStation, Walking the dog, exploring Britain, holidays
  1. Just out of interest as most on here went in 70s & 80s (mine was Coventry 86) your first WF was fairly recent have you come to the sport as new fans? Or returning fans? Just wondering as would be great to know there are new fans coming to watch our great sport. On a personal note Coventry 2016 was one of the most enjoyable WFs I’ve been too as was working at cov as a marshal but had been relegated to the terraces for most of the year after a motorbike crash messed my knee up but I decided nothing was going to stop me working the WF and with the help of some painkillers and determination to be part of it I got through it and was so glad I did. We stood with Frankie Snr just after FWJ won I actually hugged Smiler as we all shook his hand before he went over to be with his boy. (sorry this has turned into a bit of a ramble) anyway my point was were you new to the sport in 2016?
  2. EDD1

    New track in Germany

    Ive thought many times when weve been there for the MotoGP (before they moved to Silverstone) and Superbikes that there could easily be a short oval built using the Melbourne hairpin. Its ideal most of the tracks already in place and as you say close too the paddock and facilitys would love to see Stock Cars there..
  3. The Wikipedia page is much better than it used to be as it used to say that meetings take place on field tracks!!
  4. EDD1

    Midlands track

    I dont get why Stock Cars bother with autosport show at all over the years Ive mentioned Stock Cars at circuit racing meetings and people have said those funny looking things with v8s in? IMO I dont think autosport show sheds a good light on Stock Cars at all as the sound doesnt carry right as its indoors and they come out go round in circles then go back in and the next formula is out its absolutely nothing like a real Stock Car race doesnt advertise the sport well at all. Motofest on the other hand whilst again isnt like a meeting proper shows the cars in a much better light and drivers have and crowd seem to have fun as the cars do donuts until the tyres burst and spinning the wheels out of the bends. Im a fan of all motorsport bikes or cars oval or circuit racing but I seriously doubt autosport shows brings a single new fan to a real stock car meeting. Motofest on the other hand maybe does?
  5. EDD1

    World champions

    It got to be Keith Chambers I dont think anyone would have put money on the 250 car winning the WF, Murray Harrison was in the right place at the right time but Ive always rated him as a driver even toward the end of his career he could have it with the best of them if the mood took him Lee Fairhurst was only a surprise because he stared from the back as he is a top driver as in you wouldnt count him out starting further up the front it was just a surprise on the night as he wasnt even in the WF to start with. You could also argue that Peter Falding was a surprise winner but he was always going to be a world champion as he was always fast and knew how to use the bumper again though like Lee you wouldnt have predicted it on the night..
  6. Coventry 1986 was my first World Final I was 9 at the time but I have surprisingly good memory of it. I remember the huge cheer from the crowd when Stuart Smith got taken out, I desperately wanted Frankie Wainman 212 to win but I did become a bit of a Peter Falding fan after he won something which I carried on with throughout his career and today with Jordon ~although I am first and foremost a Wainman fan~ I seem to remember it being a night of hard stock car racing. We lived in Brandon at the time and I was really excited as me my mum, my sister, great uncle and mums cousin walked up the hill with me telling anyone that would listen how Frankie Wainman was going to win although it was not to be. My sister and me autograph hunting in the pits. Good memories and Ive been to almost every WF since..
  7. EDD1

    Driver Of The Decade

    Frankie definitely driver of the decade for me Happy New Year to All Fellow Stox Fans
  8. EDD1

    Midlands track

    I havent read all the replys on this post but when we visited Leicester to watch the Bees race (I will just say that for all the speedway fans that want Coventry to reopen there was very little home side support) but back on subject Leicester is a really good venue and even reminded us a little of Coventry but with the outer fence from Mildenhall. Nice place to go racing really would love it to be Leicester..
  9. EDD1

    Colin North

    Tragic news Colins family and friends are in my heart Much Love to you all at this awful time.. Ed
  10. EDD1

    Midlands track

    Ive been to a few saloon only meetings and they do draw a decent crowd when we had them on at Coventry with the V8s/UK Mods/1600 Bangers and they bought a good size crowd. I remember going to the Saloon WF at Skegness a few years ago and the place was packed same size crowd as F1 WFs there. I know for certain that the top Banger Racers are getting good appearance money but Banger only meetings bring in big crowds Bangers have got a huge following particularly in the south of the country but yes the drivers are getting a good whack to race..
  11. Thank You Kindly. Couldnt make The Last Ever Meeting At Stoke gutted as had some good nights there, shall miss the place ☹
  12. EDD1

    Coventry Stadium

    Cant this topic just be put to bed once and for all. Coventry has gone and were not going to get it back no matter how much we all want it back and believe me it makes me feel very sad to say that as like Ive said before I loved that place but realistically its not going to reopen. Its false hope that it ever will open its doors to stock car racing again..
  13. EDD1

    Coventry Stadium

    I feel exactly the same I still feel very bitter about what they did to us ie one minute were looking forward to the F2 WF and a continuation of racing at Coventry then boom doors are closed. I loved that Stadium it played such a big part in my life from walking up the hill with my late great uncle as a child (we lived in Brandon) saw my 1st WF there in 1986 I worked there as a marshal for 9 years until it closed,the stadium and my mates there helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life! Even the tiniest hint of racing retuning gives me hope of once again walking out on to the dog track then checking straps as the stock cars prepare to do battle the sound of Chevy V8s once again echoing off the stands stock cars back where they belong. Ill always live in hope until there is no more Stadium there and its a housing estate which of course I hope never happens Im just emphasising what it will take to take the hope away anyway thats my ramble over and so is my lunch break so Id better go and do some work.. cheers Ed
  14. EDD1

    Odsal Stadium

    You know why people look at it and make a judgement so simplistically? History tracks close and they don't reopen and that's how people view it we lose a track there's talk of it reopening we wish they would reopen but ultimately they stay closed! Sad but true and that's how people look at it so simplistically..
  15. EDD1

    Odsal Stadium

    I totally agree Odsal will never return it's gone and no amount of wishful thinking will get racing back there the same as Coventry's gone and no matter how much I wish it would return it's not going too (those of you that know me know how much I loved Coventry) it's a sad fact that viewed as a product Stock Car Racing isn't the huge draw it used to be especially when there's so many other things all vying for people's disposable income, the sport does very little too attract new fans instead relying on it's core fanbase to attend meetings. I cannot imagine anyone whose never been before sitting at home looking for something to do at the weekend saying "shall we go and check out Stock Car Racing" as unless you already know about it you wouldn't know it exists! As for going and racing in the fields I don't know why it hasn't happened the tracks are there as the Grasstrack Racing use them I'd love to see F1s field racing over here like they do in Holland would be a great, I can't see it ever happening though. Back to my original point we will never see racing at Odsal again the risk is too big for anyone to sink the sort of money into it that it would take to see racing return. I apologise to everyone that this is such a downbeat post but it feels like we're becoming more and more of a minority sport..
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