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  1. Thank you for results. Keep up the good work
  2. 1066

    Stuart Smith Snr

    So sorry to here about Stuart. He was a great stock car racer. Thinking about his family. R.I.P Jane, Len. Rita & Mick Wilkinson.
  3. 1066


    yea must admit. that is quite true. it is nice to see the smiths race. i am not a smithy fan. but now they have all these championships in the pockets they should be at every meeting. i know commitment. and i know that frankies job is racing. but he turns up at every meeting. credit to him and his family for turning up to meetings.
  4. 1066


    What is goin on with the wainman team. Everything they do is goin wrong. when is there luck goin to change. I feel so sorry for any driver who,s luck runs out because with out them there would'nt be any racing.
  5. 1066

    If only...

    Frankie wainman snr willie harrison when he won the world final what a night for him richie ahearn. brill bloke
  6. 1066

    BV RESULTS 05/04

    Thank you guys for the results of bell vue. sounds like it was a good meeting.
  7. So how can ssj win the national points championship as well the national series. it dos'nt make sense to me. I reckon that all the board of control is , that they don't know what they are saying what do they know about all these points. all they want is that the smiths to take every thing. I tell you what if that is the case whats the point in drivers turning up to get the point when all of a sudden it is taken away from them. because they don't know what to do to bring in the crowds in I don't either so i perhaps should'nt be complaining . the crowds will turn up when they want to. If this is the case then i won't be coming to see brisca f1 any more. cos of all the cheats, that they put into it. i don't mind who wins what roof colour. but to do it fair. this is not fair. would you say the same. perhaps not.
  8. good coverage. well done .
  9. 1066

    FWJ 515

    omg what admiration of the team. No one will ever beat that time they put in that engine. Thanx goes to all who did a brilliant effort including the banger driver who bought in his hiab. thanks to all including sam.
  10. I agree but it's too late for FWJ to keep his silver roof. But whoever gets it. it will only be borrowed.
  11. 1066

    national series

    No but it dos'nt seem fair, when all year he races. i know that it is his lively hood. but credit where it's due. He dosen't win every race, Its always nice to see other people win too no matter what the roof colour. I still disagree with the national series , I and many others liked the old way. it's tough life out there, many drivers are budget drivers. look at tim warwich bless him now he is one hell of a driver and i wish he could win championships. but he too is a assett to the sport. he dosn,t do every race meeting but on his budget who can blame him. but he tries . Going back to the points i;m sure that someone can come up with something different to keep the drivers turning up. thanx for your comment.
  12. 1066

    national series

    This topic may upset a lot of people, I don't want it to but I have to put what I think. and to be honest it's the only way that i can shed my feelings on stock car racing and the committee. I have been going to stock car racing for at least 30 years and perhaps people have been going for longer. But to get to the point. I cannot believe that someone as stupid as the committee, to organise the national series as shoot outs, the organisers needs shooting. I think its utterly horible to have to a dedicated driver such as FWJ. All year he turns up at every meeting, giving tropphys to kids in the terraces gaining points using fuel to get to the race meetings always on time, he is never a fails in any way, goes abroad to race again due to fact that he enjoys doing what he knows best. But all that has been taken away because of the shoot out, the fact that he has won the poiints more times than anyone else, the fact that these people are getting fed up of the same person winning. Yes I can understand that. the fact that he has earned those points. Has anyone else earned the national series. no because they are new some silly idiot decided that it was a good idea to that never mind what the spectators think. it has upset me so much that someone can do all that during the year. then loses it because someone has'nt thought about what the damage does the a person let alone the driver and his family. they should go back to the old way have points scored at every meeting that way it would be fair, and you would get all the drivers turning up to every meeting. sorry if i have upset anyone. but it has upset me megga time i don't care if i go any more f1 meetings now .
  13. 1066

    FWJ 515

    What an asset to the sport is FRANKIE WAINMAN JUNIOR to do what he and Danny and all the wainman team did tonight change an engine in about an hour talk about 60 minute makeover. I have never in all my stock car racing years have i seen such dedicated men to do what they did tonight. They must think a lot of FWJ to do what they did. also the banger driver who loaned hiab to help the team. credit to the sport. I cannot deem my self about the series. but well done young un.
  14. Yea it was because he was going to venray. he had his car set up for it.
  15. 1066


    Thanks for the good results. brill job. what happened to FWJ it sounded like he was'nt having a very good night. Jane
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