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  1. The new Andy Smith 5 polo shirt will be making an appearance at ScunTropezBella this Saturday. Details should be available on the A1Racewear website, hopefully before tomorrows meeting. Needless to say, it looks the dogs and I hope a fitting tribute to a history making evening. Also, hopefully worn by the man himself will be a special shirt made for Stuart Smith 391/1. This will eventually makes its way onto the website. To everybody who has ordered items so far from the website we thank you for your custom and look toward to seeing you at the tracks wearing what you've bought. I promise we will soon have the John Lund range completed but due to Andys win last weekend we felt we had to make the occasion. Cheers Neil A1Racewear www.a1racewear.com Info@a1racewear.com
  2. Northampton for me purely because it is that bit closer to me than Ipswich
  3. I didn't make that very clear did I, what I meant to say was he was behind etc and pulled away on 4 seperate occassions to win the one race
  4. Just to clarify here, I actually have nothing to do with it just helping out by posting here. As per Tims post above and my signature theres a website to llok at although theres only Andy Smith stuff on there at the moment. He has said he's going to do more including a FWJ range hopefully
  5. DOTD - 1 for winning the wf race 4 seperate times RR - 9/10 based purely on the racing and not taking other factors into account
  6. Since A1NOS isn't a member here I've been asked to post this on here - Just a quick note to say that because of Andys recent success at the weekend A1Racewear will happily apply the 2010 World Final logo to any persons who have bought the Andy Smith Limited Edition Team Shirt. Please return them to me either at the meetings or post them direct to our production unit (which is located in England.) This offer is only available for a short period of time as were really getting stuck into some new products and moe than happy to do these changes but want to get it sorted and quick. The ammendments will be carried out free of charge. The new logo will probably be placed on the pocket at the front as to put it on the back would upset the lines. I will be at ScunTropezBella (90%). Customer satisfaction is very important to us so i think its only right. Any orders we took on Saturday night and website orders will be produced with the 2010 on the reverse. Theres still some left but be quick. Cheers. A1 A1Racewear
  7. Probably a good thing that last weeks NIR wasnt the first Shoot Out Round. If Andy Smith had scored, heat, final and placed in GN, i think a lot of people would have assumed the silver roof is a forgone conclusion. Now after R1 he's about 4th with some work to do its looking exciting. Mind you, he's scored about 300 points more than 2nd place in the grading points, so maybe he will/should get the silver roof after all.
  8. Thanks Paul. I wasn't expecting a response that quickly
  9. Who cares where it is if its at Ipswich it'll be my first visit there. I'm more interested in the date so I can book time off work
  10. Its got the Name Smith on it many many many times lol.......... what more do you want to know
  11. Free apartment in London. Free house in the country. Free riverside apartment in Glasgow ( I know i know) Congestion charge paid for 10 yrs in London and free petrol and servicing Chauffeur driven car free of charge in London and on standby in all capitals of the world. Free boat and motorbikes and unlimited use of NetJets Citation jet. Free sky and broadband and credit card with £1,000,000 limit per month,paid for for you free of charge. Free F1 stock car. Free stadium to practice and FWJ and Team Smith offering unlimited support free of charge. I reckon there are still people on here who could pick fault. Lighten up everybody. I was sitting watching G and T the other night and couldnt believe our sport was on BBC1.
  12. come on man, no amount of money would get Ryan smiling!
  13. too be honest, think most people are little bit fed up with all the talk about it.Its legal, so step on!
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