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  1. Yep it definately woz!looks suspiciously like there's an engine in there also! Is it a return to racing for you Wayne or is it been prepared for a customer?
  2. Paul Hammond - A true gent what a gracious offer, count me in!
  3. Nige, I really would either pick up the phone, e-mail Tony of the scruteniering esk to check before leaping in as FWJ's tarmac scheme on the blue car had blue on the roof and below the waistline. Besides a real shame to mess up the design and also waste the time painting it, your time could be better spent on other things! See pic here as you will see same colour above and below and it's blue (so if blue not allowed as a colour?????) whats good for a 2 time world champ is good for an up and coming peoples champ!
  4. Sorry, Rien, can't be done - copyright. I think SCM will post issues to the mainland if you contact them, if that's any help. Hi Chris,do you have a contact information for SCM ? or can i look it up online? i don't want to bother anyone with mailing something to Belgium for me,i've had an offer from a fellow stoxnetter but if i can order directly from them that's fine too,i'd really like to get a copy of this edition Here are their details: http://www.scarecordings.co.uk/ Regards Paul
  5. My moneys on Higgi29, i'm sure the stoxkarts business went up for sale/sold i'm sure those feet are truly itchy by now!!!!!! eh Ian??
  6. Good god Nige carry on like this you can forget the yellow paint you'll be needing a can of the blue stuff!!! 7th in the Grand National, 8th in the Final, 4th in Heat 2 and A WIN in Whites and Yellows! Awesome!!!!
  7. Wow Nige what a night 8th in the final, your on fire! keep it up about time the tide turned!
  8. It's a shame that Jeremy hasn't yet been able to quell the rumours he is normally very responsive with information, don't like it when things are quiet. Jeremy doesn't need to quell the rumours, because Steve allready has! Steve has said Stoke has a 3 year agreement over dates, (presumably via a written contract?) however just because a contract exists (just look at premier league footballers) if someone wants to renage or break a contract then it will happen! Unfortunately the modern world we live in.
  9. It's a shame that Jeremy hasn't yet been able to quell the rumours he is normally very responsive with information, don't like it when things are quiet.
  10. Here goes my first crack at this. QUESTION 1 C QUESTION 2 C QUESTION 3 B QUESTION 4 E QUESTION 5 C Fingers crossed!
  11. I could do with a truck to be honest, and me and my brother could go together then, as 25 of the meeting this year are F1 and F2, so thinking about it, its another big comitment though, and another vehicle to tax, insure and run! I'm absolutely loving your insight in to your adventures, trials and tribulations. Brings back some of the memories I have from my mechanicing days. Due to work and family commitments no longer have the chance to go racing. These posts and the service on stoxnet keeps me as close as i can get at the moment. Good luch with your adventure hope one day I may actually meet you, as you come across as one top bloke. Anyway have done some research for you and your brother! http://cgi.ebay.co.u...=item19c426393d Would be my pipedream to have something like this and a car to put in it! All the Best.
  12. Yes please! One for me. Now all we need is a 1000 more and i can have a covered jacket like i did in the early 80's! Oh those were the days.
  13. I believe this was the HCD car built for Nick Houghton, was there at Northampton the day the car made it debut, was aan awesome looking machine then and looks as amazing after it's rebuild and new paint job, hope all goes well Mike.
  14. f1racing3

    Stuart Smith Snr

    Was absolutely stunned when i read this devastating news the other day, I did a trebble take, because i couldn't believe what i was reading could be true. A massive loss to our beloved sport, Stuart was and always will be a Stock Car God. My deepest condolences go to the entire Smith family. Stuart may you rest in peace and smile upon us allfrom your seat in the highest house.
  15. Original and Best Hyde Road White City Bradford (Both Surfaces) Bolton Coventry Theres Only ever been 1 Meastro.
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