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  1. wanted a set of small block chevy engines mounts old style that sit on top of the chassis rails for heritage project rod on 07717441429 thanks
  2. Just a correction on the earlier post. The car was built by Titch Gardner, initially for Roy Eaton. Pete Ross bought the car from Roy.
  3. It is a Spedeworth V8 stock car, built by Titch Gardner for Pete Ross. It did initially wear the British Airways livery. Dean Wood raced it quite a few times this season but there is uncertainty over whether he has bought the car or not. V8s are now using Hoosier's as well as Avons.
  4. Ray461

    Unorthodox cars

    Would the above pass as a six post roll cage? 461 car shown, 1975
  5. Ray461

    Unorthodox cars

    That's a crackin' car Ray. Nothampton 1976???? Yes, that's right. AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD hell, that's 35 years ago!
  6. Ray461

    Unorthodox cars

    Here's another mini bodied car of yours truly!
  7. With all the talk about grandstands at the moment, it got me thinking back to a time my friend and I were watching a race in the old Brafield grandstand. Every time John Hillam came round, all you could hear from a particular person was 'Come on Big John', at the top of his voice. Lap after lap, he'd shout it as Hillam came round. I was only young at the time, late teens, so with the intention of shutting him up I thought I'd shout for another car in the hope he'd get the message and shut up, as it was so annoying. As Hillam came round next, in amongst a bunch of cars, I started to shout out before the annoying one did, 'Go On Big' - first car to come out of the bend- Willie Harrison. I couldn't stop it coming out - 'Go On Big Willie' - everyone within earshot of me started laughing and I nearly died of embarrasment. Did the job though as the annoying one shut up after that!
  8. Ray461

    Stuart Smith

    One of the memories that sticks in my mind is when he won the Champion of Champions at Wembley. All racing in Shell Sport Escort Mexicos, Stuart won the final against Barry Lee of all people - Simply Brilliant!
  9. Ray461

    Stuart Smith Snr

    RIP Stuart Smith - you will never be forgotten - thanks for the many memories Sincere condolences to the Smith family at this very sad time Ray Harris and on behalf of everyone associated with Spedeworth V8 stock cars
  10. I wonder how many drivers would refuse to race with them nowadays? If I could change No3 on my earlier post: 3 would be Bring back grassed centre greens to add a bit of colour
  11. 1) Bring Back Barrels 2) Wire and post fences at all tracks 3) Improve facilities allround !!!!!!
  12. Ray461

    Coventry 'CopCar'!

    I bet there's quite a few who'll read this and think it's a wind up. Can you imagine having something similar today?
  13. Anyone remember the Coventry cop car? If so, any pictures?
  14. Don't know what the ratings would be that time of the morning but I would imagine it'd get quite a few viewers as it's Fri night/Sat morning.
  15. Just happened to come across it by chance at 1am this morning. It seems it's currently being repeated on BBC1 on Friday's at 12.45 am. Checked todays TV listings to see and yes it is. http://uk-tv-guide.com/search.asp?name=gea...rs&exact=on
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