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  1. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever..........
  2. Any chance of them naming the programmes more sensibly this time so Series Link works?
  3. A couple of pound an adult makes no odds for most. The one thing I'd like to see all promotors do is reduce (or abolish) entry for kids. There's been occasions I would have attended with my horde of ankle-biters but the difference between £10 for me with the kids free and paying £5 a head for the five of them stops me from going to some low-key meetings that I used to never miss. The daft thing is they'd probably spend that much in the Track Shop or Snack Bar anyway if they went...
  4. Startrax did more than just advertise in the local papers. I work in Peterhead and was shown the advert, by one of my colleagues, for Coventry in the Scottish Daily Star.
  5. Grid order for the F1 consolation semi should be in WQR points order IMO, not graded and certainly not in finishing order from the semis.
  6. I was impressed by the swift actions of the gentleman that applied pressure and held her damaged arm aloft until the medics arrived. Glad to hear your girlfriend is recovering. Having been sat only 10 or so metres further round the bend with the kids, it really brings it home just how dangerous our sport can be when you least expect it.
  7. Just the once Stav, Wisbech in 1990. However he did also win the National Championship in SSC on 2 occasions, both at Mildenhall, in 1995 and 1999, won the English at Aldershot in 1987 and Newton Abbot in 1991.
  8. Damn, I saw that lying on the ground but as I had one already, didn't bother picking it up! It was near the middle entrance to the grandstand
  9. Heats were average but the final and GN were typical Belle Vue fare and well worth the entry fee
  10. Chewy102 / 175

    The F1 buzz

    My favorite memory would be the Scottish Weekend in 2002 (I think) when our Mr Starter got delayed on his holidays and didn't make it back in time so I got to do the honours both days! If you think the F1's make the stands shake at Cowdie, you should feel it stood on top of the wall!!!
  11. Jim had drifted away from the racing before Wilf raced an F2 so no chance he'll know of that. I'll let you tell me the story instead this Sunday where I've promised your child-monster a pint (of cola) for sending me Gold Pieces on Farmville... (rock and roll lifestyle eh?)
  12. Just added a few more from Jim's collection to the gallery. Cadwell Park in the early 60's and an action shot of Wilf in his Mini bodied F1 at what may well be Belle Vue?
  13. Jim dug out a few pics from his collection and I've posted them up in the Galleries http://photos.stoxnet.com/thumbnails.php?album=895 Sorry about the quality but cameras weren't quite as high spec 50 years ago Can anyone work out where the pit shot of the 75 car was taken cos Jim can't remember
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