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  1. Thank you Nigel for another Epic blog post. I look forwards to reading them each week to understand more from the drivers eye view and get an understanding of the trials and tribulations you go through each week before the meeting , during the meeting (it amazes me what can be fixed at a track and how all the different teams help each other out) and after. I hope that Belle Vue gives you some good luck for a change and you get to race and finish well.
  2. From the victory lap and trophy sizes ... 1st: 515 2nd: H124 3rd: 6
  3. The view from turn 4 was awful during the semi final race ... Could barely see the starter due to the dust ... The radio mic drops every other word also ...
  4. Does anyone know the cost of camping and/or if you need to book ahead?
  5. Thanks ... What about the British and European champions?
  6. This has been a wonderful experience to see that a lot of lower grade drivers have won major championships but it slightly deviates from my initial questions .... I bad worded the title and rightly people are answering the title question. My real question was more along about roof grades after you have gotten the championship win. If a yellow grade driver wins a championship, do they start from either Red / Superstar (Depending on the title they win) from the next meeting? If you hold a championship roof and only have enough points for yellow / blue, what grade do you start from? thanks,
  7. Being Gold supercedes being British Champ so yes Paul is classed as a superstar regardless of him being the British Champ too. Does the graders discretion also come into this as for example John Lunds last major title was in 2002 (regardless of this where else would you put Lundy other that Superstar ). I assume this as looking at last years final grading points chart there were also drivers who had scored enough points to be yellow but were still graded as whites. Grader discretion tops all the other rules, I was just interested in the initial rules prior to Graders discretion ...
  8. When they won the title did they still race from Blue / Yellow grade or did they have to start with the Superstars (World & National) / Red (British & Euro)?
  9. Hi All, I am trying to work out what grading is the lowest a driver who holds or has recently held a championship roof is ... As far as I am aware it is: National Champion: Current Owner: No lower than Superstar Previous Owner in last five years: Superstar World Champion: Current Owner: Superstar Previous Owner in the last ten years: Superstar British Champion: Current Owner: ??? (Red I think) Previous Owner in the last ?? years: ??? (2 years and Red? I believe) European Champion: Current Owner: Red Previous Owner in the last 2 years: Red All other champion owners are not affected ... Thanks
  10. Fourwinds

    N16ELS Twitter

    Do we want #brisca or #briscaf1 ?
  11. I have purchased my tickets and upon calling Coventry to change where I was seated, I asked about when the tickets would be sent out .. They were saying it would not be until at lest July so I am not expecting them quickly. They did have my information to hand and confirmed my original ticket location and then my revised ticket location when I was on the phone. I am very confident that when the tickets arrive they will be for the correct place and that Coventry have got it fully under control. My only 'reservation' was that when I chose my seats I never received a confirmation that the seats I had chosen were still available and were then allocated to me.
  12. This one? Stoxnet Gallery
  13. R/R: 8 A very enjoyable meeting at BV ... In parts a little too dusty and a little to wet but that is Shale racing :-)
  14. d/d: 48 r/r: 8/10 Good hard fast racing ... A little roundy at times due to the cars all going similar speeds and not a high number on track ... A very enjoyable way to spend a Monday night though!
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