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    Danny Wainman

    We have painted his wing WHITE ! Hope this answers your question
  2. This is the first time I have added comment to discussion on stoxnet. As a family we have followed stock car racing for 37 years. I thought that this was a family sport. Without Mini Stox as an introductory formula how do you keep the interest in the BRISCA scene?. My husband raced F2's . My son watched from being 3 year old and begged to be come a Mini Stox driver. He has had the oppourtunuty to race since the age of 11 and is now a Super Star grade in Minis. Isnt that what we are all trying to achieve? Keeeping the sport alive with young interest. Where would the sport be without the likes of Wainman, Smiths ect if they had not had the oppourtunity to learn driving skills in the Mini formula? Ive now a 9 year old desperate start in the Minis and a 14 year old desperate to go onto F1 or F2. Many Mini drivers could not do any meetings if they were unable to drive at the same meetings as thier Fathers. How many Banger drivers become future F1 drivers?
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