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  1. Cant believe thers no booking list!
  2. cowdenbeath has no viewing problems
  3. 27 cars a ippy,4 straight races,looking good for a points tally Nige good luck
  4. Sunday afternoon racing is ideal for the traveling fans and drivers why cant stadiums run 1pm start (imo) win win for everyone,more families are able to attend long distance travellers home on the same day they set off
  5. agreed,the boss is back
  6. can only reiterate what others have said top notch STOCK CAR RACING long may it continue r/r9 DOD 515,back on top form
  7. Jeremy,if you are not going to publish a drvers list could you phone every fan and tell what the weather will be like on the night?????
  8. red paint on order Nige can do it by driving sensibly!!!!
  9. excellent Nige,had me going good luck for saturday
  10. check out google maps,at Newark air museum an oval track can be clearly seen on the A17 I don't know how to do links,but imo this would be ideal for brisca
  11. im surprised no one has suggested TEESIDE MOTOR PARK . A ready made facility,ideal for F1 im sure with the right people doing negotiations this could be a goer. And its in the north east!
  12. so sad to here of both passings,especially Dave who I knew very well Deepest sympathys to both families. Mick give me a ring graham,i have lost your number
  13. Great news Nige, you deserve to be there ENJOY the evening as I and many other 45 fans will be "the peoples champion" will be in attendace to see Frankie take the title
  14. my premier sports subscription was ended without my authority I am on an ongoing contract paid by direct debit because of this,i will not be renewing Something fishy going on me thinks
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