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  1. GN CH: 180 H1: 288 H2: 244 H3: 33 CON: 257 FIN: 390 HELTER SKELTER: 53 Cheers to Wisecol
  2. hope its not too late h1 33 h2 53 h3 244 con 212 fin 55 gn 197 cheers
  3. karl52

    Stox Lotto, Week 9

    ht1: 33 ht2:198 ht3:180 con:53 fin:390 gn:291
  4. karl52

    Stox Lotto

    heat 1 380 heat 2 16 heat 3 53 con 212 final 391 gn 259
  5. Brum HT1:33 HT2:2 HT3:185 CON:257 FIN:391 GN:4 Hen HT1:2 HT2:185 HT3:515 CON:12 FIN:33 GN:16
  6. karl52

    Stox Lotto, week 3

    i havnt posted on here for a while but this looks good, so KINGS LYINN HT1:16 HT2:291 HT3:33 CON:198 FIN:53 GN:1 (390) SKEGGNESS HT1:2 HT2:4 HT3:515 HT4:16 HT5:37 HT6:107 FIN:33 GN:197
  7. i have a picture of the car, but not the bus, sorry
  8. dotd stu smith.he deserved that win . racin' ratin' 12/10. P.S when was the last time i posted on here
  9. wow, i didn't expect it to become 3 pages long in less than a day!
  10. wow,this was agood idea. i think i'll do my own list. 1-53 John Lund 2-391 Andy Smith 3-212 Frankie Wainman snr 4-33 Peter Falding 5-21 Mark Gilbank 6-390 Stu Smith jnr 7-531 Sam Lund 8-153 James Lund 9-307 Tim Warick 10-515 Frankie Wainman jnr
  11. why what do you want,20? anyway,we'd be here all night if we had more than 10.
  12. I've seen on the FTOOZ forum that they are doing top 10 favourite drivers of all time topic,so,why don't we do one on stoxnet. the drivers that you use can be from and years in the sport,as long as they are F1 drivers. PS you can delete this topic if it turns out to be rubbish
  13. DotD is definatly andy smith for his brilliant performance.although i have to mension mark gilbank as ithink he went pritty well. racin' ratin' 8/10. i am also going to that i though the bonbers fig-8 final was a good one
  14. karl52

    dutch drivers

    i just have to say,when i have seen him race,or seen him in photos,i have never seen henk jan ronizt(i think thats the right spelling,sorry i'f i'm wrong) ,no240, race with a H.
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