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  1. vickhes

    Skeggness success

    Well done nige,your new sticker must have brought you good luck. Keep it up
  2. thanks to everyone who organised such a fantastic day,had a great time even though i was rubbish lol roll on next year
  3. Have e mailed skegnees this morning,they told me pit gates opening at 2.30 spectator gates 3.00 Hope this helps anyone.
  4. we are grateful for result service but it would be nice to be told first if other driver is ok before posting personal comments.i would be the same if frank would have been launched into a fence too.
  5. Is this appropiate ? We all have views but when giving results this is for chit chat not for result page.
  6. got to be ssj fantastic meeting 10/10
  7. Can i say a great big thank you to lofty and mike.This was my first time karting and it wont be my last what a fantastic time i had. next year please can we have some more lady stoxnetters taking part as i was the only one except for Kirsten Ashcroft. Thanks again to everyone for a great time. Vicky (not victoria)
  8. thank you freddietrifid have booked one of the rooms.
  9. does anyone know whether there is going to be the hot plate on serving curry and chilli on at belle vue? I really do miss this as does alot of people.
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