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  1. Beaks, Riggerman and Ozzy for me - 3 chaps that speak sense and seem to understand what normal fans want.....
  2. Mallory Park is never going to happen, the place has strict limits on when it can run and how many days it can run a year after noise issues. There's more chance of a new stadium being built around a Coventry - and that's as likely as a pig flying past your window
  3. And the last photo was @pacphotos on Twitter i believe.....
  4. I'm just glad that it's not me getting the blame for nicking the mars bar for a change - those of you who have had the pleasure (????) of meeting me will understand!
  5. Good point LER, I forgot that his pictures are rubbish, they're only good when he stands next to me and copies what I'm doing. He also seems to have a fascination of taking pictures of his brother and myself, we always seem to be in the background of his photos......... Funny that..
  6. Are you lot mad? That Riggerman chap is a right fool, the site is better off without him......... (before someone shouts at me, this is all very tongue in cheek, I stand with him at every meeting I attend and I'm just trying to stop his head getting to blumming big!! It's alright for you lot, you don't have to put up with him in person fr a few hours each week!)
  7. So if stock car meetings cost £150 your saying it should be ok to take in sandwichs, but as it only costs £16 you should have to buy your food inside a stadium? You seem to think that we are comparing stock cars with GP's. We're not (well I'm not). I'm saying there's no difference between going stock car racing and going to Cadwell Park to watch the 750 motor club. A stock car track in theory is no different to a circuit when it comes to licensing for food and drink etc. It's grass roots motorsport, just like what we go and watch, only differences are, they turn in both directions, they don't think they are bigger than they actually are and the promotors don't think they can bully their fans.
  8. if you want to compare Stock Cars to F1, we'd be paying over a thousand to get into the pits.Well compare to the 1000s of other club level Motorsport events that go on in the country then. Surely they're the same as stock cars?
  9. DJB sums it's up. You can take food into motorsport events all over the world. Are we a Motorsport event or an entertainment event? I've been lucky enough to travel the globe watching Motorsport events and never had an issue. In NZ and Holland there's never been an issue with taking food into oval stadiums, so why here? I have an eating disorder which means I won't go near stadium food, you ban me from taking my sandwiches in, your going to loose my custom - just like startrax did, until we found a way to get food in! Yes alcohol is covered by licensing, but I'd love to see that arguement stand up when its over a sandwich and bottle of pop. It's just a way of stadiums trying to get more money out of the fans that follow the sport on regular basis. we try and market stock cars as a family sport and then price families out of going. If you want us to eat in stadiums, then I'm sorry promotors, but you've gotta spend a hell of a lot on getting more and different food outlets open and offer a far bigger choice.
  10. And if your heading along the A17 this evening between Newark and Sleaford - give us a toot, you won't miss us, we're on the traction engine heading towards Newark...
  11. I'm assuming by the lack of lorries that came past my house last night, that the bridge is Infact open again....
  12. The 2 winners of the semis race for the 1st and 2nd. The second tier have 2 races, with the 2 winning teams going up against the loosing semi finalists. The 2nd tier team who won with the most points races against the losing semi finalist who scored the the most points for 3rd and 4th and the 2nd tier winner with the lowest winning points races the losing semi finalist with the lowest points for 5th and 6th. Well thats how it's worked in the past. Seems a bit confusing at first, but it makes sense in the end! Will we do it? Who knows, after the first race I thought we'd be out on the first night! And although I'm out on a vintage tractor run in the morning, I'll be trying to keep up to date with the scores!
  13. Well done Frankie, nearly! The last race sounded a good one, Adam Joblin was romping to the trophy until he was taken out on the last lap and didn't finish! Also apparently a Pom rolled a Kiwi, just waiting to try and find out who!
  14. JH says that other tracks running with less shale on run the risk of damaging the core base - if they damage it, they will spend money to repair that base, they're not afraid to spend money and do things properly and put on a good show and make the best of the bad conditions. You just seem to make excuses over - the hole was at Coventry when my dad was alive and going racing, he died 3 years ago, isn't it time the hole wasn't an issue anymore? SEM pointed out that other tracks have canceled meetings, they have, but at least they have the guts to admit that there is nothing they can do about it, rather than risk wasting people's time, they would lose money, rather than rip everyone off with a 'nothing' meeting. The second you saw the track yesterday you could tell it was gong to be a rubbish night and the track wouldn't improve. The mud that was there last night could of caused damage to the cars mechanical elements and to the drivers (mud in eyes etc), if I raced a simple a 'cheap' gt rod, I wouldn't of wanted to risk damaging my couple of hundred quid engine, let alone a xx thousand £ engine. You pays your money for your kit and you make the choices what you do with it. Saying that they're not stock cars anymore is a stupid arguement. Things change with time and technology of stock cars is better now than it was - but then the technology and science behind preparing and maintaining a racing surface has improved with time aswell. If you wanted a good racing surface you can have one, just like if you want to race a race car as a stock car you can. Dod 515 RR 1 poor show
  15. I'm sorry, but no one can stick up for Coventry and rubbish track this evening. The weather forecast has been there all week for them to see. They should of pulled the shale off before it rained - kings Lynn manage to do right, why can't everyone else? Once again there will be loads of people saying its the best meeting they've ever seen and it's not coventrys fault - just because it's that magically Coventry from years past.... Sorry but this is waste of 18 quid.
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